Is Pakistan Re-positioning itself in Kashmir?: Islamabad’s Five Likely Strategies
   ·   01 Oct, 2010   ·   156    ·    Issue Brief

There is a renewed Pakistani interest in the Kashmir issue today, after a lull during 2007-09. There have been a series of activities, including rallies, meetings, statements etc, signifying a shift in Pakistan’s approach, in terms of re-igniting the Kashmir debate within its body politic. From an Indian perspective, it is essential to find out and confirm whether there is a new trend inside Pakistan vis-à-vis J&K. More importantly, it is also imperative to trace the path that Pakistan is likely to pursue in terms of exploiting the existing situation in Kashmir valley.

While it is evident that Pakistan is trying to reposition itself on (and in) Kashmir, it is imperative for India to find out the likely course of action that Pakistan may pursue vis-à-vis J&K, at the national, regional and international levels. One could identify the five strategies that Pakistan is likely to pursue.

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