Aabha Dixit    ·   07 Aug, 1997    ·    #7    ·    Commentary    
    If there is an area where tradition, continuity and a sprit of freedom have managed to prosper in the Indian policy, it is in the arena of Indian foreign policy. Through the five decades of Independence , a consensual approach to foreign po...
  • Fifty years of Indian Indian Independence: A Strategic Review
    Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar    ·   05 Aug, 1997    ·    #5    ·    Commentary    
    One of the major factors that has influenced the Indian establishment’s approach to national security matters and strategic thought is the indifference and apathy induced by years of British rule, when these aspects were the domain of the co...
  • 50 years of Independence : Strategic Review
       ·   04 Aug, 1997    ·    #4    ·    Commentary    
    The end of the Cold War has left India with a double strategic burden : the regional security matters have become more complex and international system is in a state of flux. There is a debate whether geo-economics rather than geo-politics...
  • 50 Years of Independence - A Strategic Review
    Lt. Gen. AM Vohra    ·   03 Aug, 2002    ·    #3    ·    Commentary    
    Strategically, in the political field, console.log(1); India visualised for itself a role of ensuring a freedom of action for developing nations by adopting a policy of non-alignment. It was determined not to get involved in power blocs and...
  • Gujral Doctrine Security Dimensions of the Gujral Doctrine
    Bhabani Sen Gupta    ·   02 Aug, 1997    ·    #2    ·    Commentary    
    The Gujral Doctrine aims at building a conflict-free cooperative South Asia and at the same time to build bridges of development cooperation with the neighbours of South Asia . Since one of its principal aims is to resolve conflicts...
  • The Post-Cold War Era: An Indian Perspective
       ·   01 Aug, 1997    ·    #1    ·    Commentary    
    Nuclearisation and Globalisation ... the post-Cold War era has spawned a dichotomy within the international system. While today, the global system has to reckon with unimpeded power and authority centred around one superpower of whic...