• Phase-II of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Dim Prospects
    Nowmay Opalinski    ·   15 Apr, 2020    ·    #5675    ·    Commentary    
    As the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—which is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)—enters its second phase, Pakistan’s new Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are now at the forefront of the Sino-Pakistani industrial cooper...
  • The Relevance of Aslam Farooqui’s Arrest
    Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy    ·   06 Apr, 2020    ·    #5674    ·    Commentary    
    On 4 April, Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) announced that Aslam Farooqui, the chief of the Islamic State ‘Khorasan Province’ (ISKP) had been arrested in Kandahar, Afghanistan, along with 19 others, including two key ...
  • India: Supply Chains During a Health Crisis
    Shoumitro Chatterjee    ·   02 Apr, 2020    ·    #5673    ·    Commentary    
    One silver lining for India during the current pandemic is that there is no aggregate food shortage in the near-term. The stocks of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) are almost three times the buffer stock. Therefore, although India does not ...
  • COVID-19 and Left Wing Extremism in India: Emerging Concerns
    Rajat Kumar Kujur    ·   31 Mar, 2020    ·    #5672    ·    Commentary    
    Left wing extremism (LWE) is known to be India’s biggest internal security threat. LWE conflict zones are home to a variety of actors, such as the local civilian population, security and administrative personnel, Communist Party of India-Maois...
  • Red Affairs
    Maoist Attack in Chhattisgarh: The Devil is in the Details

    Bibhu Prasad Routray    ·   31 Mar, 2020    ·    #5671    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    In the evening of 22 March, 17 security personnel were killed in an attack carried out by the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district. 14 more personnel were injured, two of them, critically. In the midst...
  • East Asia Compass
    Responding to a Pandemic: Lessons from South Korea

    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra    ·   31 Mar, 2020    ·    #5670    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed large parts of the world, and while unprecedented attempts have been made by several countries to mitigate the threat it poses to their populations, it has been nearly impossible to control the spread. The UK ...
  • India: Climate Change and the Need for Gender-Responsive Policymaking
    Akanksha Khullar    ·   30 Mar, 2020    ·    #5669    ·    Commentary    
    While climate change in general has negative implications, from a gender perspective, it entails greater risks for women than men. In India, as weather patterns change and become more unpredictable, with rising temperatures, droughts, heavy ra...
  • The Strategist
    China and COVID-19: What Went Wrong?

    Vice Admiral Vijay Shankar    ·   29 Mar, 2020    ·    #5668    ·    Commentary    ·   Column
    The history of armed conflict is intertwined with the generation of diseases. In 1155, the German Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa poisoned water wells in Italy with human bodies as he challenged the papacy; to 1763, when the British deliberately ...
  • India-China: Global Survival Dilemmas Cannot Sidestep Bilateral Security Concerns
    Kamal Madishetty    ·   26 Mar, 2020    ·    #5667    ·    Commentary    
    Dr Siwei Liu’s recent IPCS article, A China-India Partnership Beyond the Security Dilemma, suggests that one way forward to manage the bilateral relationship is to juxtapose the bilateral security dilemma with the global survival dilemma. Dr ...
  • A China-India Partnership Beyond the Security Dilemma
    Siwei Liu    ·   25 Mar, 2020    ·    #5666    ·    Commentary    
    2020 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and China. Both countries have experienced rapid development, and their individual regional and global influence has also increased significantly. The two Asian giants share ...