Peace Audit
Various Authors
  • Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Through Elections and Media Ratings
    Salma Malik   ·    27 Dec, 2013   ·    4228
    If nothing else, India and Pakistan have no dearth of issues to disagree and dispute over. The already fragile and precariously balanced “peace,” suffered yet another major setback when starting January 2013, the Line of Contr ...
  • Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Recent Violations
    Muhammad Faisal   ·    20 Dec, 2013   ·    4220
    After the War of 1971, the territorial positions of India and Pakistan were cemented through the establishment of the 740 km long Line of Control (LoC). Both countries agreed to respect this position until a political settlement of the di ...
  • Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Perspectives from Poonch
    KD Maini   ·    03 Dec, 2013   ·    4206
    Peace process and ceasefire along the LoC means different things for the people living in different parts of J&K. For the people of Poonch, the ceasefire of 26 November 2003 brought peace to the area, gave security of life and property ...
  • Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: An Evaluation
    PR Chari   ·    30 Nov, 2013   ·    4201
    Some history would be of relevance here.  The Line of Control (LoC) was envisioned by the Simla Agreement entered  on 2 July 1972; it replaced the ceasefire line negotiated by the Karachi Agreement of 1 January 1949 an ...