IPCS Annual Report 2017
IPCS   ·   01 Feb, 2018   ·   192    ·    Special Report


2017 was another good year for IPCS. We initiated new projects, welcomed new colleagues, and produced significant policy literature. We maintained our established priorities on security and foreign policy analysis while stretching more fully into new areas of inquiry including water and renewable energy, and reinvigorated our focus on economics. Much of this innovative thinking was reflected in our publications. There was a comprehensive assessment of the Narendra Modi government's three years in office, presenting an interdisciplinary report card of the government.

Similarly there were several long form publications, two of which, for government, focused on renewable energy and on ideating solutions to overcome the unique challenges of the Indian energy sector. In addition, our faculty produced over 100 topical commentaries published in-house, and over 400 commentaries in the national and international press.

Our efforts at primary research involved several interactions both in India and abroad, and notable guests at IPCS included presidents and prime ministers. Most importantly, since IPCS believes in human capital, in 2017, we were happy to welcome new colleagues who will assist us in our unceasing primary goal - that of capacity building the evolving generation of policy experts.

 In all, a fulfilling year that sets us up to scale greater heights in 2018.

 Ambassador (Retd) Salman Haidar

Patron, IPCS, and Former Foreign Secretary, Government of India

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