Better Together EU-India Cooperation in Addressing Climate Risks
Louise van Schaik, Akash Ramnath and Harman Singh   ·   25 Aug, 2021   ·   209    ·    Special Report

Historical political cooperation between the EU and India has been characterized by benign neglect and unfulfilled potential. The risks associated with climate change presents potential avenues for stepping up EU-India cooperation and recalibrating political relations in an increasingly volatile international environment. This policy brief discusses how Brussels and New Delhi can work together beyond their own domestic transitions to reduce risks and enhance security across the wider regions. This includes using climate adaptation for peace and stability gains and securing a free and affordable flow of rare-earths needed for energy transition technologies. Disaster resilience, “greening the military” and managing the risks associated with energy transition may be new avenues for cooperation. But for this to happen, the EU and India need to acknowledge that climate change impacts and policies stretch beyond the realm of environment and economic development, since they also affect international security, migration and political relations in-and-between countries.

This Policy Brief is part of the 2021 IPCS-Clingendael Institute partnership on climate security.

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