IPCS US Election Special
   ·   01 Nov, 2016   ·   185    ·    Special Report



In IPCS' US Election Special, we bring together five experts to comment on the shape that US nuclear policy and the global nuclear order could take under the two presidential hopefuls, Democratic candidate Senator Hillary R Clinton and Republican candidate Donald J Trump. The Series features commentaries by:

 Dr Manpreet SethiSenior Fellow and Project Leader, Nuclear Security, Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS)

 Vice Adm (Retd) Vijay Shankarformer Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command of India

 Prof Chintamani MahapatraRector and Professor, Centre for Canadian, US and Latin American Studies, JNU

 Vivek MishraAssistant Professor in International Relations For Asia, Netaji Institute For Asian Studies, Kolkata

 Kimberley Anne NazarethResearcher, Nuclear Security Programme (NSP), IPCS

 We welcome your feedback, and should you have questions for specific authors, please write to us at officemail@ipcs.org.



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