IPCS Forecast 2016
   ·   01 Apr, 2016   ·   182    ·    Special Report



On behalf of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), I am pleased to introduce to you IPCS Forecast 2016, a collection of writings on the near-term trajectories of a wide range of geographic and thematic issues, authored by eminent analysts and scholars from the Indian strategic community and beyond.

These writings feature important regional and international security trends and their analysis, and much like the 2015 edition, which was very well-received and was downloaded more than 15,000 times, this Forecast can be a useful resource for those seeking a comprehensive and critical reckoner on the headlining issues of 2016.

We welcome your feedback, and should you have questions for specific authors, please write to us at officemail@ipcs.org.

Salman Haidar
Patron, IPCS, & former Foreign Secretary, Government of India


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