Reviving the Dialogue with Pakistan: A New Agenda for India
D Suba Chandran   ·   01 Mar, 2015   ·   258    ·    Issue Brief

Dialogue with Pakistan: New Opportunities
International Pressure
Pakistan’s Domestic Compulsions
Developments across the Durand Line

Reviving the Dialogue: A Few Pointers
A. Compartmentalise the Composite Dialogue
B. Insulate and Institutionalise Individual Dialogues with an Independent Calendar
C. Gas and Electricity as Big Ticket Items
D. Afghanistan as an Opportunity
E. J&K and Cross-LoC Expansion

Whom to Talk to in Pakistan? 
And through Whom? 

Special Recommendations
Establish an Indo-Pak Nuclear Commission 
'Gas and Electricity Community in South Asia’: Propose a Regional Energy Dialogue
‘Kabul as a Strategic Pivot': Propose a Regional Dialogue on Afghanistan 

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