Charting Global Transitions
   ·   01 Feb, 2015   ·   178    ·    Special Report

Global Transitions
IPCS 2015 Annual

A Compilation of the Institute's Commentaries & Analyses.
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With no affiliation to a particular institution or ideology, the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) considers the emphasis on independent research and publication as one of its hallmarks. Every year, through the contributions of its researchers and affiliated experts, the IPCS produces substantial literature within the ambit of its four programmes: Nuclear Security (NSP), China Research (CRP), Internal and Regional Security (IReS), Southeast Asia Research (SEARP) and Armed Conflicts in South Asia (ACSA). This edition of the IPCS Annual is a compilation of the commentaries published by the Institute over the year 2014-15, distributed into broad geographical and theme-based categories.

2014 saw the introduction of the IPCS Columns initiative, which features a roster of eminent strategists and commentators who weigh in on specific issues relevant to their areas of expertise once every month. These columns have also been incorporated into the IPCS Annual.

The Annual is essentially a stock-taking exercise, and it was initiated with the aims of projecting the Insitute’s work, providing a single platform to access independent and objective assessments on the most outstanding issues of the past year, and contributing to the evolution of informed thinking on strateigc issues.


I. Regions 

03 South Asia

68 East Asia

97 Southeast Asia

130 West Asia

144 US-Russia

II. Issues

150 Indian Ocean Region

161 Iran Nuclear Deal

168 Global Nuclear Politics

184 Al Qaeda, Taliban and the Islamic State

III. Columns

224 Big Picture

227 Indus-tan

236 Strategic Space

248 Eagle Eye

264 Dateline Colombo

274 Dateline Kabul

283 Dhaka Discourse

298 Indo-Pacific

306 Looking East

307 Middle Kingdom

310 Nuke Street

323 Red Affairs

338 Regional Economy

341 South Asian Dialectic

355 The Strategist

372 Voice from America

381 Himalayan Frontier

394 Spotlight West Asia

409 Dateline Islamabad

425 Af-Pak Diary

440 East Asia Compass

466 Maritime Matters

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