IPCS Forecasts: Naxal Violence in 2015
   ·   01 Jan, 2015   ·   173    ·    Special Report


Naxal Violence in 2015: A Forecast

·         Continuing Decline

·         Persisting Weaknesses

·         Morale Boosting Assaults

·         Enclaves of Strength

·         Southern Expansion

2014: A Review

·         Naxal Might and Ideology

·         The Maoist Expansion

·         Combating Naxal Violence

·         A Strategy for the Government



Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray is an independent security analyst and a Visiting Fellow at the IPCS.
He  writes a column for the IPCS titled Red Affairs. Click here for his column

 This report is an updated and compiled version of his earlier commentaries for his column during 2014

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