Nuclear Security Summit 2014: Prescriptions and Perspectives
   ·   01 Mar, 2014   ·   154    ·    Special Report

This quarter (January-March 2013), the Nuclear Security Programme (NSP) at the IPCS aimed to review and critique the global stewardship of nuclear materials security and the challenges and opportunities before it. This objective guided the research and discussion component of the programme while also keeping in mind the culmination of the quarter in The 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands. One of the results of this exercise is this compilation of articles - they analyse the commitments and responsibilities towards nuclear materials security in general and the Summit process in particular from the perspective of South Asian States, and make concomitant policy prescriptions.

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Edited by

Kuhan M & Ruhee Neog


Nuclear Security Summit 2014: Shared Risk, Shared                                                    Responsibility

 Manpreet Sethi


India and Nuclear Terrorism: 4 Meeting the Threat

PR Chari


Nuclear Security Summit 2014 6 and the NTI Index

Sheel Kant Sharma


Nuclear Security Summit 2014: 9 Pakistan’s  Role

Rabia Akhtar

Nuclear Security Summit 2014: 11 India’s Record

Sitakanta Mishra


Nuclear Security Summit: The 12 Way Forward

Arun Vishwanathan


14 Defining India’s Role in Nuclear Summit

PR Chari


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