Federalism and Foreign Policy: Dynamics of Centre-State Dissensions in India
   ·   01 Mar, 2014   ·   151    ·    Special Report


India: Limits of Federalism

P R Chari


Expanse of Federalism: South Asia Sui Generis?

D Suba Chandran


Do National Political Parties have ‘Regional Outlooks?’

Wasbir Hussain


Regional Inputs in India’s Neighbourhood Strategy

V Suryanarayan


Limits of the Political-Institutional Framework in India

Zaad Mahmood


Federalism: Centre as Coordinator and Adjudicator

P R Chari


Regional Aspirations and National Interests

D Suba Chandran


Regional Research Institutions and Think-Tanks: Why are they Missing?

 D Suba Chandran



Edited By

Ayesha Khanyari



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