The Maritime Great Game: India, China, US & the Indian Ocean
   ·   01 Mar, 2014   ·   150    ·    Special Report


Increasing Maritime Competition: IORA, IONS, Milan and the Indian Ocean Networks

Vijay Sakhuja


The Malabar Exercises: India, Japan and the US

Teshu Singh


The Maritime Silk Route and the Chinese Charm Offensive

Vijay Sakhuja


China in the Indian Ocean: Competing Priorities

DS Rajan


China & Southeast Asia: The Strategy behind the Maritime Silk Road

Teshu Singh


China in the Indian Ocean: Deep Sea Forays

 Vijay Sakhuja


India, Sri Lanka and Maldives:  Tripartite Maritime Security Agreement and Growing Chinese Influence

Iranga Kahangama


India, Sri Lanka & Maldives: A Maritime Troika Leads the Way

 Vijay Sakhuja


Bypassing the Malacca Strait: China circumnavigating ‘Risk-Prone’ Conduit to secure Energy Contingencies

 Shanta Maree Surendran


Edited By

Aparupa Bhattacherjee



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