Afghanistan 2014: BSA, Internal Security, Taliban & Indian Strategy
   ·   01 Mar, 2014   ·   149    ·    Special Report


Afghanistan, US and the Peace Process: A Deal with the Taliban in 2014?

Mariam Safi


Afghanistan: The Security Transition

M. Farshid Hakimyar


Afghanistan: Implications of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA)

Rajeev Agarwal


Indian Military Aid to Afghanistan

D Suba Chandran


US and Afghanistan: BSA and Taliban Negotiations

Athul Athul


Afghanistan: When India and China Touch Base

J Jeganaathan



Why is Afghanistan important to India?

New Delhi’s challenges and opportunities in Kabul after 2014 

D. Suba Chandran


Afghan survival after 2014

D. Suba Chandran

Edited By

Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy 

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