War on Terrorism in South Asia: Af-Pak and Beyond
   ·   01 Jun, 2009   ·   108    ·    Issue Brief

After 9/11, the US administration launched Operation Enduring Freedom and with it, its seemingly indefinite ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWOT) in Afghanistan.

In 2009, the WoT entered its eighth year and so far has shown no signs of abatement. Where does this WoT stand today? What are the recent developments? What are major issues? 


Afghanistan in 2009: The First Quarter
Raghav Sharma
Issue Brief 102, May 2009

US and the Af-Pak Strategy: Pakistan’s Interests & Likely Responses
D Suba Chandran
Issue Brief 98, April 2009

Afghanistan: Talking to Taliban
Mayank S Bubna
Issue Brief 94, March 2009

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