India and the Impending FMCT
   ·   01 Jun, 2009   ·   73    ·    Special Report

President Barack Obama’s speech on nuclear disarmament in Prague, in particular, underlined the commitment of his administration to non-proliferation goals including the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the Fissile Material Control Treaty (FMCT).

While the debate in India regarding both the CTBT and the FMCT is varied, the lack of international consensus on the FMCT is likely to affect India’s position on the same, if the treaty comes into force at least in 2-3 years time from the 2010 RevCon.  Whatever be the final outcome of the scope of the FMCT, India has to prepare accordingly especially on seminal matters  such as its minimum credible deterrence, the existing stockpiles of plutonium, its fast breeder reactor programme etcetera.

Prof. R Rajaraman, an expert on Fissile Materials, clarifies the contentious issues regarding the FMCT and explains how it affects India’s position on the treaty.

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