India-ASEAN Relations: Analysing Regional Implications
   ·   01 May, 2009   ·   72    ·    Special Report

This paper highlights the trends in the interactions between India and ASEAN and elaborate the relations between them. While their motivations for developing stronger ties are largely economic in nature, they rest to a large extent on definite geopolitical considerations. The paper examines these factors and attempts to provide an understanding of the direction in which their relations are heading, along with an analysis of the dynamics affecting it


7th India-ASEAN Summit: Opportunities and Challenges
Atom Sunil Singh & Jasmeet Kaur
Issue Brief 96

Beyond the Borders: Attracting Tourists from Southeast Asia
Pranav Kumar
Special Report

Linking SouthEast Asia & India
Anushree Bhattacharya
Special Report

Even Skies are not a Limit: India-ASEAN Cooperation in Aviation Sector
Yogendra Singh
Special Report

Thailand's Investment in India's Northeast: Strategies, Potentials and Risks
Vibhanshu Shekhar 
Research Paper

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