Failure or Functional Anarchy?: Understanding Weak/Failing States in South Asia
   ·   01 Apr, 2009   ·   100    ·    Issue Brief

Key words: failed states, Failed States Index, South Asia, FSI, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal

According to the latest Failed States Index (FSI), published by the US Fund for Peace, most of the countries in South Asia are in the top 25. In a list topped by Somalia and Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan come within the top ten, while Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal come in the top 25.

Are the States in South Asia failing? The parameters identified to rank a failed State in the FSI would apply to South Asia since they achieved independence. Yet one does not see a Somalia or a Sudan like situation. Perhaps, State failure needs different yardsticks in South Asia. This essay aims to raise key questions relating to the concept of failing states in South Asia.

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