China and COVID-19: Legal and Political Issues | Amb (Retd) PS Raghavan & Dr Priya Pillai
30 Jun, 2020   ·    Amb (Retd) PS Raghavan & Dr Priya Pillai

In this podcast, Ambassador (Retd) PS Raghavan and Dr Priya Pillai explore the various legal and political issues that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth in terms of global governance, international institutions etc, and the consequences thereof.

Ambassador (Retd) P.S. Raghavan
is the Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board, India, and a former Indian ambassador to Russia. Dr Priya Pillai is an International Lawyer, the Head of the Asia Justice Coalition Secretariat (Manila, The Philippines), and is also a contributing editor for the international law blog, Opinio Juris.

This podcast is the first in a series of podcasts jointly conducted by IPCS and the National Law School of India University Bengaluru (NLSIU), as well as NLSIU's Council for International Relations and International Law (CIRIL). The podcasts in this series are aimed at enabling policy-relevant dialogue across conventional disciplinary divides between international legal and international political perspectives on current issues.

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