11 May, 2014   ·    Edited by D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari

This volume examines the major armed conflicts in South Asia- in India (with special reference to northeast, Jammu & Kashmir and the Naxalites), Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The articles study conflict management, look at the direction the armed conflicts is likely to take and provide a set of alternative measures that could be pursued by the actors. Issues such as India's geo-strategic importance and the borders it shares with neighbouring countries, the psychological and economic costs of violence, refugees and migrants, treaties and ceasefire agreements, and the future of failed and failing states are discussed here. The volume also includes an exclusive paper on the connections between Pakistan and Suicide terrorism. The book is an annual, covering and updating these and other related issues across volumes.


Armed Conflicts in South Asia:  An Overview                                                  
P R Chari

Afghanistan: Turning the Tide                                                                          
Shanthie Mariet D’souza

Armed Conflict in FATA and NWFP: Continuing Violence
D Suba Chandran     

J&K: Return to Violence                                                                                     
Kavita Suri

Left Wing Extremism: Misplaced War Mongering?                                           
Devyani Srivastava

Northeast India: Protracted Conflicts and Protracted Peace Processes
Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman

Armed Conflict in Nepal: From Parliament to Siege in Kathmandu                  
Kriti Singh

Sri Lanka: Conflict is Dead, Long Live the Conflict                                          
N Manoharan

Special Paper                                                                                                    
Pakistan and Suicide Terrorism: A Never Ending Story
Jérémie Lanche



Edited by D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari
New Delhi: Routledge India, 2011

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