Research of Canadian Industry Statistics

Research of Canadian Industry Statistics

27 Feb, 2020    ·   5651

Canada is a rapidly growing and flourishing industry

The online gambling industry in Canada is a rapidly growing and flourishing industry - we came over these experts as a fact proof. In fact, at present, there are more than 100 licensed gambling venues that accept players in Canada. This certainly shows that Canada has very much embraced internet gambling, to the extent that it is now among the first countries to consider online gambling, to one extent or another. There are many factors why this is the case: first of all, the government of Canada has been proactively taking measures to regulate the operation of these online gambling venues and the industry within the country; secondly, the creation of state-of-the-art gambling infrastructure in Canada, has helped to attract thousands of new gambling enthusiasts to the gambling arena, creating a substantial increase in annual gambling revenues in the country.

Many gambling analysts in the past decade predict a rapid growth in the gambling industry in Canada, driven by the ever-increasing demand for casino gambling in Canadians; the problem of gambling addiction and reliance on illegal means of gambling have also been addressed by the government, as have the many issues surrounding the safety of Canadian gambling sites and the related Canadian online casinos. Additionally, Canadian online casinos are regulated by strict laws, and their business model has consistently demonstrated that they are dedicated to providing their clients with world-class service, security and reliability. Most Canadian online casinos offer secure internet poker as well as free roll games. They are subject to strict security measures, and each of the sites has carefully chosen a list of gaming software that they will allow for download. Moreover, most of the Canadian online casinos provide a number of different games, which can help gamblers of all ages to find something they can comfortably play.

Gambling in Canada can be traced back to the early nineteenth century when the first "sporting" casino was established in Riviereres, Nova Scotia. From this point on, all Canadian provinces have been successful at creating a strong gambling sector, with each province retaining a steady and consistent presence on the World Wide Web, as well as maintaining their own unique gambling culture and infrastructure. Today, Canadian casinos welcome over one million visitors per day! With a solid, stable and progressive gambling sector, Canadian online casinos offer the best gambling experience anywhere in the world.