The Future of US Troops in Afghanistan: Assessing Potential Roles

09 Oct, 2017    ·   5379

Rajat Ahlawat assesses the current deployment structures and likely roles the new US troops will be deployed for, in Afghanistan

In his new strategy for Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump recently decided on increasing the number of American troops in the country. He said a hasty withdrawal would create a power vacuum for the terrorists, which would pose a serious threat for the struggling Afghan security forces. Many previous reports have indicated that the majority of Afghan forces still lack independent operational capabilities and more ground-level advisors embedded within their units are required to provide advisory and assistance. The US military is also conducting ground and aerial counterterrorism operations against the Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K) and Taliban targets.

Given the current security situation in Afghanistan, in what roles are the new US troops expected to be deployed?
NATO's Resolute Support (RS) mission is mainly divided into three categories :

  1. The Combined Security Transition Command