Pakistan Elections 2013: The Roar of PML-N and Nawaz Sharif

29 May, 2013    ·   3954

Portia B. Conrad analyses factors leading to the party’s victory and the challenges ahead of the PM-elect

Portia B. Conrad
Portia B. Conrad
Research Intern

The turnout of 60 per cent of the Pakistan electorate, as highlighted by the Pakistan Election Commission, signifies political maturity in the system. Not only was the voting percentage encouragingly high, given that only 48 per cent voted in 2008, it also signifies a shift of civilian authority in a country where the military has never allowed democracy to run its course.

The PML-N has won 128 seats in the National Assembly. In addition, there are 18 independent candidates and a fair chance of winning 32 reserved seats for women and 5 for minority, which strengthens PML-N in the 342 member house. This is Nawaz Sharif