Indo-Pacific by Shankari Sundararaman
  • IPCS Forecast: Southeast Asia in 2015
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    19 Jan, 2015   ·    4810
    This edition of the IPCS Column, 'Indo-Pacific', is the precis of a larger document titled 'Southeast Asia in 2015', published under the IPCS Forecast 2015 series. Click here to read the full report . One of ...
  • Indonesia's Pacific Identity: What Jakarta Must Do in West Papua
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    17 Dec, 2014   ·    4781
    The Indo-Pacific is a term gaining wider acceptance as a geopolitical reality. If any country has the advantage of being at the centre of this emerging identity, it is Indonesia. This vast archipelagic region strides the two oceans & ...
  • The ASEAN's Centrality in the Indo-Pacific Region
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    20 Oct, 2014   ·    4700
    Over nearly a decade, the concept of the Indo-Pacific has been gaining ground as a term that gives credence to a strategic perspective rather than a well-defined geographic entity. When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke about the ` ...
  • Myanmar's Political Transition: Challenges of the 2015 Election
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    08 Sep, 2014   ·    4651
    Recent changes shaping Myanmar’s transition process have highlighted the tenuousness of the Process in that country. Even as the upcoming 2015 election is set to be one of the most important indicators of this democratic transition, ...
  • South China Sea: Intransigence Over Troubled Waters
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    18 Aug, 2014   ·    4605
    Last week, the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN and its dialogue partners gathered at Naypyidaw, Myanmar, for the 47th ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting followed by the 21st ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and 4th East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers Me ...
  • Indonesia: 2014 Presidential Election Explained
    Shankari Sundararaman   ·    28 Jul, 2014   ·    4582
    Indonesia’s presidential election has heralded a change in the old guard, with Joko Widodo emerging as the winner of the mandate that took place on 9 July. The election, that took place 16 years after Indonesia’s transition to ...
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