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  • India & Vietnam: Defence Cooperation, Economic Ties and a Strategic Partnership
    Rajaram Panda   ·    09 Aug, 2013   ·    4080
    The Foreign Minister of Vietnam, Pham Binh Minh, visited India in mid-July to participate in the 15th Vietnam-India Commission meeting and to review bilateral ties. Surprisingly, as compared with the Chinese media, the Indian media did no ...
  • Iran's New President: Domestic Challenges for Rohani
    Kai Fürstenberg   ·    08 Aug, 2013   ·    4075
    The presidential elections in Iran on 14 June 2013 presented external observers with two major surprises: The peacefulness of the campaigns and the near-landslide victory of the moderate-reformist Hassan Rohani. Domestically this huge ...
  • India’s Growing Soft Power in Southeast Asia: Will it Clash with China?
    Abanti Bhattacharya   ·    06 Aug, 2013   ·    4070
    India has some two thousand years of association with Southeast Asia. Its Hindu influence touched all parts of Southeast Asia except few pockets of North Vietnam, Philippines, inland of Borneo and Indonesian Islands east of Bali. Hinduism ...
  • The Failed State Index and South Asia: Revisiting the White Man’s Burden
    Salma Malik   ·    05 Aug, 2013   ·    4068
    The failed state phenomenon is much like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty, which once it falls off the wall becomes pretty difficult for the king’s men to pick up off the floor and put back together again. Thus making the global communi ...
  • China and Likonomics: Li Keqiang’s Emerging Economic Strategy
    Narayani Basu   ·    22 Jul, 2013   ·    4045
    Eponyms for new policies instigated under the aegis of political leaders nearly always become a catchphrase. Recently, the global community saw the emergence of Abenomics in Japan, under the leadership of Shinzo Abe. Now, China appears to ...
  • South Korea and China: Park’s Visit and After
    Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra   ·    02 Jul, 2013   ·    4017
    In her recent visit to China, South Korean President Park Geun-hyu emphasised the pivotal role of China in determining the security and economic architecture of Northeast Asia and her visit was an apparently successful attempt to connect ...
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