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  • Myanmar: Is Tatmadaw Assuming a Proactive Role?
    Aparupa Bhattacherjee   ·    20 May, 2014   ·    4456
    The International Crisis Group’s (ICG) recent report, titled 'Myanmar’s Military: Back to the Barracks?’ has tried to elaborately update the readers on the role of Myanmar’s army – the Tatmadaw – in ...
  • India and the Failed States Index
    PR Chari   ·    22 Aug, 2013   ·    4097
    How one defines state failure lies at the heart of any meaningful analysis of the failed states index (FSI). According to the Washington-based Fund for Peace that designed the index, a failed state is recognized by: • loss of co ...
  • The FSI Report: Is Bangladesh a Failing State?
    Delwar Hossain   ·    17 Aug, 2013   ·    4090
    Since the end of the Cold War, several categories are used to understand the capacity, performance, changes and dynamics of the State – including ‘competition state’, ‘failed state’, ‘crisis state&rsquo ...
  • Nepal: Failure of the Failed States Index
    Pramod Jaiswal   ·    12 Aug, 2013   ·    4085
    The Fund for Peace’s ninth annual Failed States Index (FSI) has been released. The index looks at four Social Indicators (Demographic Pressures, Refugees and IDPS, Group Grievance, Human Flight), two Economic Indicators (Uneven Deve ...
  • Failed State Index Fails Sri Lanka
    Kaushalya Ruwanthika Ariyathilaka   ·    01 Aug, 2013   ·    4063
    Sri Lanka has slipped down to the 28th position in the 9th Failed States Index (FSI) after being identified as the 29th  state in the 2012 Index. This year’s drop owes to Sri Lanka’s poor performance in seven of the categ ...
  • Nepal and the Failed States Index
    Yelisha Sharma   ·    30 Jul, 2013   ·    4059
    The Fund for Peace has been developing a Failed State Index since 2005. The most interesting feature of this index are the indicators it takes into account. The position of various states all over the world  is analysed on the b ...
  • Pakistan: The Abbottabad Commission of Enquiry
    Rana Banerji   ·    09 Jul, 2013   ·    4027
    It is hardly surprising that the Abbottabad Commission of Enquiry report on the May 02, 2011 attack successfully eliminating Osama bin Laden (OBL) should finally have surfaced through an Al Jazeera leak, a good six months after it had bee ...
  • Sri Lanka: Trafficking, Child Sex Trade and Human Security
    Thiranjala Weerasinghe   ·    08 Jul, 2013   ·    4024
    The ‘Trafficking in Persons Report 2013’ published by the Department of State, United States of America, provides a lucid analysis of initiatives on anti-human trafficking around the globe and characterises the slow progress t ...
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