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  • India, Sri Lanka & Maldives: Regaining India's Strategic Space
    T.C Karthikeyan   ·    08 Aug, 2013   ·    4076
    The second Trilateral Maritime Security Cooperation meeting between India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka was held in Colombo last month. A roadmap for future cooperation was confirmed in the Outcome Document and some important aspects of the ...
  • India, Sri Lanka & Maldives: A Maritime Troika Leads the Way
    Vijay Sakhuja   ·    02 Aug, 2013   ·    4065
    India, Maldives and Sri Lanka have recently signed an agreement on Trilateral Cooperation on Maritime Security (TCMS) to address common maritime security threats and challenges and enhance security through cooperative measures. ...
  • India, Sri Lanka and Maldives: The Tripartite Maritime Security Agreement and the Growing Chinese Influence
    Iranga Kahangama   ·    30 Jul, 2013   ·    4058
    China and India continue to vie for maritime influence, as influence over the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) remains both commercially and strategically advantageous. However, India’s recent strategy includes developing regional cooperat ...
  • Sri Lanka and the 13th Amendment: The Arithmetic of ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’
    N Manoharan   ·    18 Jul, 2013   ·    4044
    Many decades ago, Bertrand Russell remarked, “Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.” The arithmetic revolving around the debate ...
  • Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: A Crime Against Humanity
    Aparupa Bhattacherjee   ·    17 Jul, 2013   ·    4041
    The US State Department’s Report, “Trafficking in Person 2013” elaborates the form of human trafficking in different countries around the world. According to the Report, trafficking involves both men and women, who are e ...
  • Sri Lanka and the 13th Amendment: What is '13 Plus'?
    Sugeeswara Senadhira   ·    11 Jul, 2013   ·    4034
    The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on constitutional reform focused on devolution of powers met for the first time on July 9 without the participation of opposition parties including the Tamil National Alliance TNA). On the same day ...
  • Sri Lanka and the 13th Amendment: Reconciling Differing Viewpoints
    N Manoharan   ·    08 Jul, 2013   ·    4025
    Number 13 is generally considered unlucky. In the Sri Lankan case, it is more than true. The 13th Amendment to the 1978 Sri Lankan Constitution, an offshoot of Indo-Sri Lankan Accord of 1987, has got mired into controversy since day one. ...
  • Sri Lanka and the 13th Amendment: Welcome Changes in India’s Policy
    Prof. V. Suryanarayan   ·    06 Jul, 2013   ·    4022
    India is committed to achieving a bright future for the Sri Lankan Tamil community in a united Sri Lanka, in which all citizens can live in dignity, equality, and self-respect. In furtherance of this objective, India would work for a dura ...
  • Sri Lanka and the 13th Amendment: Tamil Disenchantment
    Prof. V. Suryanarayan   ·    25 Jun, 2013   ·    4012
    During the Fourth Eelam War, in order to ensure India’s support to the ongoing military operations, President Mahinda Rajapaksa used to assure New Delhi that his government would sincerely and expeditiously implement the 13th amendm ...
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