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  • Nepal: Globalisation and Identity Politics
    Sohan Prasad Sha   ·    23 Jun, 2014   ·    4525
    Facing Globalization in the Himalayas: Belonging and the Politics of the Self G Toffin & J Pfaff-Czarnecka (Eds). Governance, Conflict and Civic Action-Vol 5, 484 pages Publisher: SAGE, 2014 There are contesting ideas among aca ...
  • Pakistan: Civil-Military Relations and the Instrumentalisation of Political Power
    Rana Banerji   ·    23 Jul, 2013   ·    4048
    Military Agency, Politics and the State in Pakistan Ejaz Hussain Heidelberg Series in South Asian and Comparative Studies- Vol VI: 472 pages Publishers: Samskriti, New Delhi, 2013 This book examines the causes and modes of repeated ...
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