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  • India: Four States, Five Trends
    Dr D Suba Chandran   ·    31 May, 2016   ·    5049
    On 19 May 2016, the results of legislative assembly elections of four Indian states – two from South India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and two from the east (West Bengal and Assam) – were announced. While there were no big surpris ...
  • Verdict 2016: Assam
    Wasbir Hussain   ·    20 May, 2016   ·    5034
    The BJP managed to break free from its ‘Hindi-heartland’ image by storming Assam with a massive victory, winning, along with its allies, 86 of the 126 assembly seats – thereby making its debut not just in Northeast India ...
  • Verdict 2016: Tamil Nadu
    Abhijit Iyer‐Mitra   ·    20 May, 2016   ·    5033
    This Tamil Nadu election was a landmark that brought two things – equilibrium and clarity. The equilibrium is that Tamil Nadu for the first time in 25 years since the 1991 election has a strong opposition. The clarity was regarding ...
  • Verdict 2016: Kerala
    Manu S Pillai   ·    20 May, 2016   ·    5032
    Voters in the state of Kerala on India’s south-western coast heralded in its fifteenth legislative assembly on 19 May with a guarded but noteworthy break from tradition. On the face of it, the rotation of power between the Communist ...
  • Verdict 2016: West Bengal
    Mayuri Mukherjee   ·    20 May, 2016   ·    5031
    In West Bengal, the assembly election results have brought reason to cheer for three of the four major players in the state. At the top of the pile is the Trinamool Congress (TMC), which has won an impressive 211 seats in the 294-seat ass ...
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