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  • Forecast 2016: Cardinal Transitions
    Varun Sahni   ·    21 Mar, 2016   ·    5003
    In 2016, India is likely to hit a ‘sweet spot’ and come to be seen – despite a host of domestic debilities and external vulnerabilities – as an island of growth and stability. This year, several countries whose int ...
  • Understanding Democracy and Diversity in J&K
    Varun Sahni   ·    18 Nov, 2014   ·    4745
    As the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) goes to the polls to elect a State Assembly, it is an appropriate moment to reflect on how democracy, diversity and dissent are closely intertwined in the state. The last two state asse ...
  • When Xi Met Modi: Juxtaposing China and India
    Varun Sahni   ·    21 Oct, 2014   ·    4707
    During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India in September, much was made of the personal rapport and chemistry between him and his host, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chinese investment worth US$20 billion, although a fracti ...
  • Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons: The Inevitability of Instability
    Varun Sahni   ·    22 Sep, 2014   ·    4670
    Hatf IX (Nasr) is a Pakistani ballistic missile which can deliver a sub-kiloton nuclear warhead over a range of 60 km, or 37.3 miles. It is supposed to have entered service in 2013 and is believed to be fully integrated into Pakistan&rsqu ...
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