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India-Pakistan Relations: Where Do We Go From Here?
26 December 2005

Pakistan's Security Perceptions & Indo-Pak Relations
24 December 2005

America and India: An Emerging Strategic Partnership
21 December 2005

India-China Relations
17 December 2005

China-India-Germany Strategic Dialogue
10 December 2005

Pakistan: Current Political Process and the Future of Democracy
9 December 2005

India's Foreign Policy: Post Manmohan Singh's New York Visit
31 October 2005

Missile Stability in South Asia
27 October 2005

Russia-China Military Exercises: Diplomatic and Security Implications
26 October 2005

Indo-Pak Relations: The State of the Game
10 October 2005

Indo-Pak Conflicts: Ripe to Resolve?
10 October 2005

India-UK Strategic Defence Relationship: Challenges and Opportunities
8 October 2005

China's Military Modernisation and Russia-China Linkages?
30 August 2005

Peace Processes, Incrementalism and Kashmir
12 August 2005

Indo-US Nuclear Agreement: A Grand Deal or a Faustian Bargain?
10 August 2005

PM's US Visit: Embarking On A New Relationship
4 August 2005

Globalization & The American Empire
3 August 2005

Globalization and the Changing Nature of Security
25 July 2005
Globalization and the Changing Nature of Security
25 July 2005

PM's visit to the US: A New Beginning?
17 July 2005

Small Arms and the Security Debate in South Asia
14 July 2005

Alternative Approaches to Security
28 June 2005

NPT Review Conference
22 June 2005

Indo-Pak Water Disputes
21 June 2005

Bio-Terrorism & Bio-Defence
14 May 2005

Nepal- Future Steps
10 May 2005

Prospects for Peace in South Asia
28 April 2005

Indo-US Arms Sale: Who Wins?
25 April 2005

India-China Relations: Time to Consolidate?
7 April 2005

India-Nepal Relations- Where Do We Go from Here?
4 April 2005

India-Pakistan: Where Do We Go on From Here?
22 March 2005

Briefing for US Air War College Delegation
10 March 2005

India as an Emerging Power in Asia: EU - India Dialogue
4 March 2005

Operation Parakram
22 February 2005

Afghanistan and Central Asia
18 February 2005

A NATO- India Strategic Dialogue
8 February 2005

Limited War Under the Nuclear Shadow in South Asia
29 January 2005

Great Power Relations in Asia
20 January 2005

Global and Regional Security: Our Shared Responsibility
17 January 2005

Indo US Relations Under the New Administration
13 January 2005

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The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is the premier South Asian think tank which conducts independent research on and provides an in depth analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including nuclear issues, disarmament, non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism, counter terrorism , strategies security sector reforms, and armed conflict and peace processes in the region.

For those in South Asia and elsewhere, the IPCS website provides a comprehensive analysis of the happenings within India with a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir and Naxalite Violence. Our research promotes greater understanding of India's foreign policy especially India-China relations, India's relations with SAARC countries and South East Asia.

Through close interaction with leading strategic thinkers, former members of the Indian Administrative Service, the Foreign Service and the three wings of the Armed Forces - the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, - the academic community as well as the media, the IPCS has contributed considerably to the strategic discourse in India.

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