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  • Never Again: 75 years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    24 Aug, 2020   ·    5714
    This August marks 75 years of the dropping of Little Boy and Fat Man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These were the first two nuclear bombs built by the US in the secret Manhattan Project; run at a frenzied pace to beat the possibility of Ge ...
  • Kakrapar: Why Nuclear Power for Electricity Generation?
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    27 Jul, 2020   ·    5709
    On 22 July 2020, Unit 3 of the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS)—India’s 23rd nuclear reactor—attained criticality. At 700 MWe capacity, it is a scaled-up version of earlier variants of pressurised heavy water reactors (PHWRs). ...
  • North Korea and the US Disembark from a Summit Train Going Nowhere
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    23 Jun, 2020   ·    5698
    China has dominated headlines across the world in June 2020. This is not just because of the global fight against COVID-19, whose virus originated in China, but also because the country has simultaneously activated prickly issues with In ...
  • Early Adulthood: 22 Years of Nuclear India and Pakistan
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    26 May, 2020   ·    5692
    This month saw the 22nd anniversary of the Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests. In May 1998, India chose to announce its nuclear weapons capability by conducting five tests on 11 and 13 May. Pakistan followed about two weeks later with si ...
  • International Solidarity for Nuclear Security: Lessons from a Pandemic
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    27 Apr, 2020   ·    5680
    In his September 2019 UN General Assembly speech, President Trump said, “The future does not belong to globalists… the future belongs to sovereign and individual nations who protect their citizens…” Less than six months later, th ...
  • Cyber-Nuclear Security Challenges: An Issue that Won’t Go Away
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    23 Mar, 2020   ·    5664
    As the world—pretty much the entire world—grapples with COVID-19, it is clear that the enormity of the pandemic will not leave any aspect of the economy untouched. Inter-state and societal interactions are also expected to feel the ...
  • Nuclear Energy: Is it In or Out?
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    20 Jan, 2020   ·    5644
    Two contrasting news on nuclear energy from two different parts of the world greeted the dawn of the new year. Germany announced the decommissioning of another of its nuclear power plants in keeping with its plan to phase out nuclear ene ...
  • Pulwama, Balakot, and the Future: How the Chips Stack Up
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    16 May, 2019   ·    5585
    For the time being, the India-Pakistan crisis triggered by the terrorist strike against the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in February in Pulwama appears to have stabilised. However, India must have no delusions that such act ...
  • Hanoi Done: Now What for Trump and Kim?
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    27 Mar, 2019   ·    5572
    The second Summit between the heads of government of the US and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) ended earlier than expected on 28 February 2019. With both countries maintaining intransigent positions on how to handle the i ...
  • In the Wake of the Pulwama Massacre: What India Should Not Do
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    22 Feb, 2019   ·    5559
    For India, 14 February, a day that should have ended with rosy pictures of a romantic sunset ended with bloody images of death and gore. Even before New Delhi could point a finger towards Pakistan, a neighbour that has long sustained a ...
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