Three Years of the Modi Government
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  • Indian Nuclear Policy and Diplomacy
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    19 Jun, 2017   ·    5300
    Democracies often undergo swings in policies with a change of government. India’s nuclear policy, however, in both its dimensions - weapons and power generation - has enjoyed broad support across political parties. The pace of develop ...
  • Dealing with Left Wing Extremism: No Permanent Solution?
    Bibhu Prasad Routray   ·    16 Jun, 2017   ·    5298
    On 3 June 2017, India's Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, summed up his government's performance in the past three years with regard to the challenge of Left Wing Extremism (LWE), and said "...there has been a decline of 25% in L ...
  • India-ASEAN Relations: Progress and Possibilities
    Rajiv Bhatia   ·    15 Jun, 2017   ·    5296
    Assessing the state of India's relations with ASEAN as the Modi government completed three years in office makes sense. But the task is not easy, for the governments are in a mode of self-congratulation. Whereas celebrations of the si ...
  • India-West Asia: With Relations Boosted, Consolidation Must Follow
    Ranjit Gupta   ·    12 Jun, 2017   ·    5295
    Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi has invested more personal energy and enthusiasm in the conduct and stewardship of India’s external relations than any prime minister since the first decade of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru&rsqu ...
  • India-Bangladesh: Engagement with More Stakeholders Required
    Amit Ranjan   ·    12 Jun, 2017   ·    5294
    Unless there is a change in the form of government or there occurs a marked shift in global or regional political order, the foreign policy of any ‘normal’ country maintains continuity with its past. However, certain adjustmen ...
  • India-Pakistan: Three Years of Wasted Effort?
    Rana Banerji   ·    09 Jun, 2017   ·    5293
    Despite flash in the pan initiatives like the May 2014 invitation to SAARC heads of government at its inauguration and the `out of the box’ Lahore visit in December 2015, the incumbent Indian government’s relations with Pakist ...
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