Nuke Street by Sheel kant Sharma
  • Looking Up in North East Asia
    Sheel kant Sharma   ·    19 May, 2014   ·    4447
    For weeks before President Obama’s visit to Seoul in April 2014 there were a series of reports, spurred by deliberate North Korean announcements, about an impending nuclear test. It has not happened so far, nor any missile test for ...
  • Iran Nuclear Deal: Regional Shadows
    Sheel kant Sharma   ·    14 Apr, 2014   ·    4388
    There are indications of further substantive progress in P5 plus Germany’s negotiations with Iran in the latest round in Vienna. Iran has shown readiness and given plans to change the design of the Arak research reactor to drastically ...
  • Ukraine: Implications for Global Nuclear Diplomacy
    Sheel kant Sharma   ·    10 Mar, 2014   ·    4332
    The news stories of the past week are a powerful throwback to an era to which we thought the world bid goodbye in the 1990s – the mutually opposing stance of Russia and the West on the developments in Ukraine, Russian troops in Crim ...
  • Nuclear Security Summit 2014 and the NTI Index
    Sheel kant Sharma   ·    10 Feb, 2014   ·    4300
    President Obama’s major initiative launched in Washington in 2010 will enter its next stage with the convening of the third Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague. The fourth one is set for Washington in 2016. This process of Nuclear ...
  • Nuclear Power: An Annual Report Card
    Sheel kant Sharma   ·    13 Jan, 2014   ·    4255
    The global nuclear power scenario showed signs in 2013 of gradually emerging from the post-Fukushima freeze. The impact of Fukushima remained still formidable in Japan as the year saw the trickle of persistent bad news from the Daichi uni ...
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