IPCS US Election Special
Various Authors
  • The Iran Deal Under a Trump Presidency
    Kimberley Anne Nazareth   ·    07 Nov, 2016   ·    5169
    With the US only just days away from electing its 45th President, it is important to understand and analyse Republican candidate Donald Trump’s stance on the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran deal ...
  • The Iran Deal Under a Clinton Presidency
    Vivek Mishra   ·    04 Nov, 2016   ·    5167
    Tweaking contextually and semantically what Ronald Reagan said about Russia during the Cold War - "Trust, but verify" - Hillary Clinton proclaimed her strategy apropos the nuclear deal with Iran in September 2015 at the Brookings ...
  • Trump's Nuclear Policy: Global Implications
    Chintamani Mahapatra   ·    04 Nov, 2016   ·    5166
    The US is experiencing one of the most turbulent, contentious and vitriolic political campaigns in the race to the White House in its entire history. Negativities have engulfed the US so much that the entire world has been affected. ...
  • Hillary's Nuclear Policy: A Time of Change, Dithering, or Sameness?
    Vijay Shankar   ·    02 Nov, 2016   ·    5163
    An Inexpedient Second The last time a Democrat President was elected to office after two terms of a Democratic presidency was 180 years ago. A certain Martin Van Buren succeeded Andrew Jackson in 1836. Coincidentally he was a former Se ...
  • Presidential Elections and US Nuclear Policy: Clinton Vs Trump
    Manpreet Sethi   ·    02 Nov, 2016   ·    5162
    When the second largest democracy and the most powerful country of the world begins the process of choosing a new leader for itself, it is automatically a matter of global concern. Obviously then, for the last year or so, the twists and tur ...