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  • Af-Pak: A Fresh Start
    Mariam Safi   ·    18 Nov, 2014   ·    4744
    Afghanistan’s newly elected President, Dr. Ashraf Ghani, arrived in Islamabad on 14 November 2014, marking his first official trip to Pakistan since assuming office. Officials from both countries have underscored the unique opportun ...
  • Can Afghanistan Become a "Perfect Place?"
    Mariam Safi   ·    18 Aug, 2014   ·    4611
    With the anticipated withdrawal of NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) troops from Afghanistan by the end 2014, the country will leave behind its decade of transition (2001-2014) and enter the decade of transformation ...
  • Taliban’s Spring Offensive: Are the ANSF Prepared?
    Mariam Safi   ·    19 May, 2014   ·    4448
    On 12 May, the Taliban commenced their annual spring offensive with a series of attacks that left over a dozen killed and many more injured in the Afghan provinces of Helmand, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Parwan and Kabul. Calling it ‘Khaibar ...
  • Presidential Elections 2014: Afghan-Owned, Afghan-Led
    Mariam Safi   ·    21 Apr, 2014   ·    4396
    The third Presidential elections in Afghanistan marked a historical and triumphant day for all Afghans. Defying Taliban death threats and sporadic firefights, approximately 7.5 million voters were estimated to have turned out at polling s ...
  • Afghan Elections 2014: What to Expect?
    Mariam Safi   ·    17 Mar, 2014   ·    4342
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in his final speech to the Wolesi Jirga (Parliament) on 15 March 2014, took a strong stance warning foreign countries against interfering in the upcoming presidential elections, asserting that local electora ...
  • Afghanistan, US and the Peace Process: A Deal with the Taliban in 2014?
    Mariam Safi   ·    28 Jan, 2014   ·    4275
    If the rise in violence this month is any mark of the year that is to be, then we can conclude that 2014 will turn out be an ominous year for Afghans. The winter season in Afghanistan, which tends to witness a reduction in fighting, has i ...
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