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Prakash Nanda is editor of Uday India, a national weekly, and Geopolitics a niche monthly devoted to defence, security and diplomacy. Previously he was a National Fellow at the Indian Council of Historical Research.  He has also been a Visiting Professor at Yonsei University, seoul and FMSH, Paris.

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Prakash Nanda
Distinguished Fellow

Authored Books:


1- Vajpayee's Foreign policy (1999)

2 - Nuclearisation of Divided Nations: Pakistan, India and Koreas(2001)

3- Rediscovering Asia: Evolution of India's look-East policy ( 2003)



1- Rising India: Friends and Foes (2007)


1 - "Between the US and China: Pakistan's Uncertain Strategic Manoeuvres since 9/11" in

Ajay Darshan Behura ed. Pakistan in a Changing Strategic Context (2004)

2- "The Changing role of Opposition in Indian Parliament" in

Ajay K Mehra ed. The Indian Parliament: A Comparative Perspective (2004)

3 - "Internal Security and the 15th General Elections" in

Ajay K Mehra ed. Emerging Trends in Indian politics ( 2010)

4 - "India's political dynasties" in

Ajay K Mehra ed. Party System in India (2013)

  External Publications

The Issue of Rohingyas, Indian Defence Review, 29 September 2017

PM has the Authority to Pick Talent From Outside Normal Political Class, Modi isn’t New, The New India Express, 09 September 2017

Hope Veep Venkaiah Revives the Rajya Sabha’s Long Lost Dignity and Decorum, The New India Express, 12 August 2017

Wars and Arms: A Tale of Two Ministries, The New Indian Express, 03 August 2017

Terror Attack on Amarnath Yatra Pilgrims: High Time Supporters of Kashmiri Radicals in India are Taken To Task, Firstpost, 12 July 2017

Narendra Modi Leaves for Israel: Netanyahu's Balancing Act with India, China is a Boon for Tel Aviv's Interests, Firstpost, 04 July 2017

Sikkim Standoff: Beijing Should Realise Bhutan is as Important to India as North Korea is to China, Firstpost, 30 June 2017

Narendra Modi’s US Visit Underplayed Issues of Diaspora; Tiptoeing Donald Trump Could Push Away Indian Caucus, Firstpost, 28 June 2017

Darjeeling Unrest: Gorkhaland Movement is a Question of Identity, not Development, Firstpost, 24 June 2017

Politics Over Ram Nath Kovind's Ascension as NDA Candidate Point to Importance of Presidential Post, Firstpost, 22 June 2017

Farm Loan Waiver: Why Government Should Think Beyond Freebies To Help Poor Farmers, Firstpost, 15 June 2017

Narendra Modi in Astana: SCO Membership Raises Questions on India's Foreign Policy, Group's Efficacy, Firstpost, 09 June 2017

Women in Combat Roles: Move An Attempt to Change Mindset of Armed Forces, in Favour of Gender Sensitisation, Firstpost, 06 June 2017

Narendra Modi in France: For True Meaning of PM's Visit, Look Beyond Headlines on Climate and Terror, Firstpost, 04 June 2017

Mani Shankar Aiyar's Meeting with Hurriyat Leaders Reflects Double-standards of Peaceniks in India, Firstpost, 26 May 2017

Is Indian Air Force Prepared To Fight a Two-front War, Mount an Effective Defence?, Firstpost, 22 May 2017

How the Narendra Modi Govt is Systematically Paving the Way for a Nuclear-powered India, Firstpost, 18 May 2017

India Skips Belt Road Forum Meet: Let's not Fret, History is not on China's Side, Firstpost, 15 May 2017

Hizbul Mujahideen's Zakir Musa vs Hurriyat: Terrorists Should not be Allowed To Set the Agenda for Kashmir, Firstpost, 13 May 2017

India Must Rethink Its 'Stable' Pakistan Policy With Islamic Fundamentalists Grabbing Control of Neighbour's Army, Firstpost, 05 May 2017

North Korea-US Tension: Modi is Right in Severing India’s Embarrassing Connections With Pyongyang, Firstpost, 29 April 2017

Sukma Attack: Maoists are Political Terrorists Who Kill and Disregard Constitution, Democracy, Firstpost, 25 April 2017

China's Renaming of Places in Arunachal: India Could Reply by Calling Shantipath as Dalai Lama Road, Firstpost, 22 April 2017

BJP Eyes Eastern Push, But Narendra Modi Needs if Naveen Patnaik is Friend or Foe, Firstpost, 17 April 2017

Centre Moves SC on AFSPA: Why Watering Down the Act will Only Jeopardise National Security, Firstpost, 13 April 2017

Sheikh Hasina in India: Bangladesh PM Should Return Home With Her Head High, Notwithstanding the BNP Threat, Firstpost, 10 April 2017

Syria Airstrike: US Missile Attack is a Senseless and Dangerous Act by Donald Trump Regime, Firstpost, 08 April 2017

Sheikh Hasina's India Visit: Mamata’s River Teesta Stance Reflects Drawbacks of Federalising Foreign Policy, Firstpost, 07 April 2017

PM Narendra Modi's Call To Swap Terrorism for Tourism in Kashmir is Necessary, But not Enough, Firstpost, 03 April 2017

Yogi Adityanath Op-ed: NYT Should Maintain the Same Objectivity in Covering India as It does With Other Issues, Firstpost, 28 March 2017

Nice, Berlin, Now London: Westminster Shooting Reflects Growing Phenomena of 'Copycat Terrorism', Firstpost, 23 March 2017

China's Demand to Respect Its 'Core Interests' is an Ugly Manifestation of its Newly Acquired Power, Firstpost, 21 March 2017

Congress is Wrong, Governor’s Discretion in Formation of Govt in a Hung State is Absolute, Firstpost, 18 March 2017

Muslim Backwardness in Uttar Pradesh has Nothing Much To Do With the Number of Muslim MLAs, Firstpost, 14 March 2017

UP Election Results Prove That Narendra Modi is a Class Leader, not a Caste Leader, Firstpost, 12 March 2017

INS Viraat Decommissioned: India Needs to Defy Global Trends, Recruit More Aircraft Carriers, Firstpost, 09 March 2017

India-Israel Ties: Under Modi, Congress Tradition of Being Apologetic About this Relationship Ends, Firstpost, 07 March 2017

BMC Election 2017: A Shiv Sena-Congress Tie-up May Soon Become Reality, But will It Work?, Firstpost, 24 February 2017

Narendra Modi's 'Graveyard' Speech at Fatehpur Rally: Finding Communal Overtones does not Hold Much Water, Firstpost, 21 February 2017

Sasikala does not Deserve Sympathy: India Needs Stronger Disqualification Laws, Including Lifelong Bans, Firstpost, 16 February 2017

Congress has Exposed Its Undemocratic Edifice in Its Tirade Against the Election Commission, Firstpost, 12 February 2017

Why Punjab’s Diaspora is With Kejri, The New Indian Express, 03 February 2017

Republic Day: Narendra Modi Eyes Trade Relations With Invite To UAE Crown Prince as Chief Guest, Firstpost, 26 January 2017

Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017: Will the 'Fauji Factor' Favour BJP in Wake of Orop Anomalies?, Firstpost, 22 January 2017

Migration and National Integration, The New Indian Express, 05 January 2017

India-Pakistan Ties: Modi's Birthday Wishes to Sharif Don't Signal Policy Change, Firstpost, 26 December 2016

Rahul Gandhi's Charges Against Narendra Modi: Weak Evidence Likely To Harm Congress More, Firstpost, 22 December 2016

Lt Gen Bipin Rawat as Army Chief: Strategic Vision, Not Tactical Achievements May Have Swung Decision, Firstpost, 19 December 2016

India-US Defence Partnership: Industries, Not Governments, Can Make it a Success, Firstpost, 16 December 2016

Gen Suhag has Under 3 Weeks in Office: Can India Ever Avoid Political Delays in Naming Service Chiefs?, Firstpost, 13 December 2016

AgustaWestland Scam: Tyagi's Fate Unknown, But Defence Deals Highly Prone To Corruption, Firstpost, 10 December 2016

Jayalalithaa's Legacy Could Help Panneerselvam Prevent an AIADMK Meltdown, Firstpost, 07 December 2016

Heart of Asia Conference: Pakistan 'Embarrassed' on Terrorism, But Policy Will Continue, Firstpost, 05 December 2016

SC Verdict on National Anthem Reinforces "Pro-nationalist" Winds of Change Blowing Globally, Firstpost, 02 December 2016

Nagrota Attack: Qamar Bajwa or Raheel Sharif, Pakistan's India Policy Will Not Be Any Different, Firstpost, 30 November 2016

Parliament Logjam: It's Time To Discipline Members, End Agitational Politics, Firstpost, 23 November 2016

State-funded Elections: PM Modi Must Realise It's an Incomplete Exercise Without a Transparent System, Firstpost, 20 November 2016

Demonetisation Drive: With This Decision, Modi has Taken BJP Beyond Its Traders’ Vote-bank, Firstpost, 14 November 2016

Manohar Parrikar has not Changed Our Nuclear Policy, He Only Stirred a Storm in a Teacup, Firstpost, 11 November 2016

US Election: How Donald Trump, Like Narendra Modi in 2014, Won Despite a Hostile Media, Firstpost, 10 November 2016

Orop Issue: It's Time India Adopts Joint Civilian-military Models of US and UK, Firstpost, 07 November 2016

Orop Agitation Threatens the Delicate Balance in Civil-military Relations, Firstpost, 05 November 2016

Orop Issue: Congress Should Note That the Modi Govt Did Much More for Veterans Than UPA, Firstpost, 04 November 2016

SIMI Activists' Jailbreak: Politicising, Communalising Fake Encounters is Against National Interest, Firstpost, 03 November 2016

When Dealing With China, the Dalai Lama is a Strategic Asset to India, Firstpost, 01 November 2016

Pakistan's Deep-rooted Hostility Will Always Come in the Way of Indo-Pak Relations, Firstpost, 22 October 2016

Talks of Russia Ditching India for China is a Case of Over-exaggeration, Firstpost, 20 October 2016

Brics Goa Summit: Real Test Lies in Meeting Goals, Not Treat Them as Rhetoric, Firstpost, 17 October 2016

Brics Summit: India Must Note Russia is Still its Most Important Strategic Partner, Firstpost, 14 October 2016

Surgical Strikes: Political Involvement is What Separates the Latest Operation From the Others, Firstpost, 10 October 2016

Saarc Summit Boycott isn't Unprecedented: Time to Move Forward Without Pakistan, Firstpost, 29 September 2016

Pakistan is a Terror State: Sanctions won't Work as Long as it Enjoys Support From China, Firstpost, 28 September 2016

Avenging Uri Terror Attack isn't That Simple for India: We Need Our Very Own Navy Seals, Firstpost, 20 September 2016

Uri Terror Attack: Three Lessons for India From One of the Worst Strikes This Century, Firstpost, 19 September 2016

NAM Summit a Hollow Meet That Serves No Real Purpose for Developing Nations, Firstpost, 16 September 2016

Babudom Barricade: John Kerry's Criticism of Indian Bureaucracy is Spot On, Firstpost, 06 September 2016

Kerry-Sushma Meet or Parrikar-Carter Visit: India-US Partnership is Promising and Yet Daunting, Firstpost, 02 September 2016

Narendra Modi's Remarks on Balochistan are not a Sign of Assertive Diplomacy, Firstpost, 30 August 2016

Scorpene Document Leak could be the Worst News for the Indian Navy in 2016, Firstpost, 25 August 2016

Unrest in Kashmir is Baused by Propaganda and Falsifications by the Elites of the Valley, Firstpost, 24 August 2016

Kashmir Quagmire: India Should Accept Pakistan's Challenge of Ending 'Unfinished Agenda', Firstpost, 16 August 2016

Kashmir Unrest: Sympathisers of Radicals in Delhi are a Bigger Threat Than Pakistan, Islamic State, Firstpost, 14 August 2016

Indian Foreign Service in Desperate Need of Reform, Particularly When It is Losing Relevance, Firstpost, 09 August 2016

To Expose Pakistan's Duplicity, Rajnath Singh's Saarc Speech was the Need of the Hour, Firstpost, 05 August 2016

With Narendra Modi Govt Under Fire, is BJP Afflicted With a 'Dalit Problem'?, Firstpost, 03 August 2016

SAARC Meet: Rajnath Singh's Visit To Pakistan Should be Treated as a Routine Affair, Firstpost, 29 July 2016

Arvind Kejriwal And the Quest To Legalise the 'Illegal' in Delhi, Firstpost, 28 July 2016

Dayashankar's Slur Against Mayawati Might Harm BJP, But Won't Help BSP Chief, Firstpost, 25 July 2016

Kashmir Needs the Army, not Sermons From Liberals, To Wipe Out Jihadis, Firstpost, 21 July 2016

Time For Modi to Ponder Over His Legal Team, News18 Blogs, 18 July 2016

China's South China Sea Arguments Only Prove its Own Perverse Logic of History, Firstpost, 17 July 2016

Jammu and Kashmir Needs Good Governance not Appeasment of Separatists, Firstpost, 12 July 2016

Jammu and Kashmir Needs Good Governance not Appeasment of Separatists, Firstpost, 12 July 2016

Zakir Naik And Indian Secularism, News18 Blogs, 09 July 2016

Terrorism in Bangladesh: Unraveling America's duplicity on Islamic Fundamentalism, Firstpost, 08 July 2016

Supreme Court is the Door to Uniform Civil Code, not Parliament, Firstpost, 05 July 2016

Indias Thwarted NSG Membership Bid is Setback, Not 'Diplomatic Failure', Firstpost, 30 June 2016

Not Subramanian Swamy, but his Ideas Should be Under Public Scrutiny, Firstpost, 25 June 2016

Raghuram Rajan Exit: RBI Governor Used as Political Ploy Against Modi Govt, Firstpost, 20 June 2016

The Biggest Takeaway from Narendra Modi's US Visit is Impetus to Nuclear Power, Firstpost, 13 June 2016

Manohar Parrikar, The Diplomat, News18 Blogs, 11 June 2016

Republic Day: Narendra Modi Eyes Trade Relations With Invite To UAE rown prince as chief guest, Firstpost, 26 January 2016


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