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Armed Conflict, Peace Audit and Early Warning 2014: Stability and Instability in South Asia
D Suba Chandran & P R Chari (eds.)
SAGE, New Delhi
Building Bridges
Strengthening Physical, Infrastructural and Emotional Linkages in South Asia

Edited by: D. Suba Chandran

Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2013: Transitions
D Suba Chandran, PR Chari (eds.)
Routledge, New Delhi
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2012: Uneasy Stasis and Fragile Peace
D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari
New Delhi: Routledge India
Inside China
New Leadership, Social Changes and Economic Challenges

D.Suba Chandran, Teshu Singh, Namrata Hasija(Eds.)
New Delhi:Samskriti, New Delhi
Medieval Chinese Perception of India
Two Medieval Chinese Accounts of Foreign People and Places, and their Representation of India

Namrata Hasija
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Military Confidence-Building and India-China Relations
Fighting Distrust

Dipankar Banerjee and Jabin T Jacob (Eds.)
New Delhi: Pentagon Press, India
China's Discursive Nationalism: Contending in Softer Realms
Bhavna Singh
New Delhi: Pentagon Press, India
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Seeking Synergy in Bilateralism - Revised Edition
Edited by P R Chari
New Delhi: Routledge, India
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2011: The Promise and Threat of Transformation
Edited by D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari
New Delhi: Routledge India
Energy & Environmental Security: A Cooperative Approach in South Asia
D Suba Chandran and J Jeganaathan (Eds.)
New Delhi: IPCS, 2011
India's Foreign Policy: Old Problems, New Challenges
D. Suba Chandran And Jabin T. Jacob (Eds.)
New Delhi: Macmillan, 2011
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2010: Growing Left-wing Extremism and Religious Violence
Edited by D. Suba Chandran and P.R. Chari
New Delhi: Routledge India, 2011
An Alternative Strategy for Southeast Asia: Looking through India's Northeast
Edited by D. Suba Chandran, Tuli Sinha and Harnit Kaur Kang
Samskriti Publishers
Countering Terrorism; Building a Common Approach in SAARC
Edited by Maj. General Dipankar Banerjee(Retd.), D. Suba Chandran and Devyani Srivastava
Macmillian Publisher India Ltd
India-Nato Dialogue : Addressing International Security and Regional Challenges
Edited by Dipankar Banerjee and D Suba Chandra
Macmillan India, 2010
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2009: Continuing Violance, Faling Peace Processes
Edited by D. Suba Chandran and P R Chari
Routledge India, 2009
The Kashmir Dispute: Making Borders Irrelevant
PR Chari, Hasan Askari Rizvi, Rashid Ahmed Khan & D. Suba Chandran
Samskriti, 2009
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Seeking Synergy in Bilateralism
PR Chari (ed.)
New Delhi: Routledge India, 2009
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2008: Growing Violence
D Suba Chandran and PR Chari (eds.)
New Delhi: Routledge, 2008
Security and Governance in South Asia
PR Chari (Ed)
New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2001
Working towards a Verification Protocol for Biological Weapons
PR Chari and Arpit Rajain (Ed)
New Delhi: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, 2001
Human Security in South Asia: Gender, Migration and Globalisation
PR Chari and Sonika Gupta (Ed)
New Delhi: Social Science Press, 2003
India-US Relations: Promoting Synergy
Report of an Independent Core Group
New Delhi: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, 2003
Biological Weapons: Issues and Threats
PR Chari and Arpit Rajain (Ed.)
New Delhi: India Research Press, 2003
Nuclear Stability in Southern Asia
PR Chari, Sonika Gupta and Arpit Rajain (Ed)
New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2003
Missing Boundaries: Refugees, Migrants, Stateless and Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia
PR Chari, Mallika Joseph and Suba Chandran (Ed)
New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2003
Study on India's Energy Security
IPCS and Assocham
New Delhi: IPCS and Assocham, 2004
Limited war-Revisiting Kargil in the Indo-Pak conflict:
D.Suba Chandran
India Research Press
Bio-Terrorism and Bio-defence
P.R. Chari and Suba Chandran
New Delhi: Manohar Publishers
Small arms and the security debate in south asia
Salma Malik & Mallika Joseph
Alternative approaches to security, national integration, governance & non military challenges
R. Radhakrishnan, Prafulla Ketkar & Aisha Sultanat
Indo-Pak Conflicts Ripe to Resolve?
Rizwan Zeb and Suba Chandran
Rethinking Security, UN and the new Threats
ED. Maj Gen. Dipankar Banerjee(Retd.)
India Research Press
JAMMU AND KASHMIR- Charting a future
ED. Dipankar Banerjee & D.Suba Chandran
EU-India Relations: Beginning a New Era
ED. Dipankar Banerjee
KAS Publications, Series No.2, New Delhi 2005
Trilateral Security Dialogue: India,China and Germany
Dipankar Banerjee and Jabin T.Jacob (Eds)
KAS Publications, Series No.1, New Delhi 2004
NATO and European Dialogues with India
ED. Dipankar Banerjee and Aisha Saltanat
KAS Publications, Series No.4, New Delhi 2005
Emerging Challenges in UN Peacekeeping Operations an Indo-Japanese Dialogue
Edited by: Major General Dipankar Banerjee and Ramesh Thakur
The Institute's research staff has published the following books in the last few years.
Jammu & Kashmir : After the Earthquake
Dipankar Banerjee & D.Suba Chandran, eds.
New Delhi: Samskriti, 2006
Armed Conflicts and Peace Processes in South Asia
D.Suba Chandran, ed.
New Delhi: Samskriti, 2006
The Last Colony: Muzaffarabad-Gilgit-Baltistan
P Stobdan and D Suba Chandran (eds.)
New Delhi: India Research Press, 2008
Reintroducing The Human Security Debate In South Asia
Ed. Rajesh M. Basrur & Mallika Joseph
Institue of Peace and Conflict studies
DEMOCRATIC DILEMMA: Ethnic Violence and Human Rights in Sri Lanka
N. Manoharan
New Delhi: Samskriti
Four Crises and a Peace Process
PR Chari, Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema and Stephen P Cohen
Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2007

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is the premier South Asian think tank which conducts independent research on and provides an in depth analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including nuclear issues, disarmament, non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism, counter terrorism , strategies security sector reforms, and armed conflict and peace processes in the region.

For those in South Asia and elsewhere, the IPCS website provides a comprehensive analysis of the happenings within India with a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir and Naxalite Violence. Our research promotes greater understanding of India's foreign policy especially India-China relations, India's relations with SAARC countries and South East Asia.

Through close interaction with leading strategic thinkers, former members of the Indian Administrative Service, the Foreign Service and the three wings of the Armed Forces - the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, - the academic community as well as the media, the IPCS has contributed considerably to the strategic discourse in India.

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