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BOOK reviews
Strategy in The Missile Age
Bernard Brodie
Reviewer : Yogesh Joshi
Research Officer, IPCS
email: yogeshjoshidec11@gmail.com
Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
Henry Kissinger
Reviewer : Yogesh Joshi
Research Officer, IPCS
email: yogeshjoshidec11@gmail.com

Tiger Vanquished: LTTE’s Story
MR Narayan Swamy
Reviewer : N Sathiya Moorthy
SAGE, New Delhi, 2010
Report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament
Gareth Evans and Yoriko Kawaguchi(ed.)
Reviewer : Yogesh Joshi
Research Officer, IPCS
email: yogeshjoshidec11@gmail.com
State of Social Justice in India: Issues of Social Justice
Ranabir Samaddar (ed.)
Reviewer : Krishna Swamy Dara
Assistant Professor,
Department of Political Science,
Jamia Millia Islamia
e-mail: ksdara@gmail.com
Ethnic Activism and Civil Society in South Asia: Governance, Conflict, and Civic Action: Volume 2
David N. Gellner (Ed.)
Reviewer : Sonali Huria
Research Officer, IPCS
e-mail: sonali@ipcs.org
South and Southeast Asia: Responding to Changing Geo-Political and Security Challenges
K V Kesavan, Daljit Singh (Ed.)
Reviewer : Tuli Sinha
Research Officer SEARP, IPCS
The Genesis of South Asian Nuclear Deterrence: Pakistan’s Perspective
Naeem Salik
Reviewer : Tara Sarin
Research Officer, IPCS
e-mail: tara@ipcs.org
Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy.
Rajiv Sikri
Reviewer : Amit Gupta
Department of International Security Studies
USAF Air War College
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Geopoltical Exotica: Tibet in Western Imagination (South Asia ed. Tibet: A Victim of Geopolitics)
Dibyesh Anand
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: jabin@ipcs.org
Terrorism: Patterns of Internationalization
Edited by Jaideep Saikia and Ekaterina Stepanova
Reviewer : Devyani Srivastava
Devyani Srivastava
Research Officer, IPCS
e-mail: devyani@ipcs.org

Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle
Prem Shankar Jha
Reviewer : Rukmani Gupta
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: rukmani@ipcs.org

Terrorism In South And Southeast Asia In The Coming Decade
Daljit Singh (Ed.)
Reviewer : Tuli Sinha
Research Assistant, SEARP, IPCS
Curfewed Night
Bashrat Peer
Reviewer : Raghav Sharma
Research Officer, IPCS
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Seeking Synergy in Bilateralism
PR Chari (ed.)
Reviewer : Manpreet Sethi
Senior Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies
India China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond
Mohan Guruswamy and Zorawar Daulet Singh
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: jabin@ipcs.org
The India-Pakistan Nuclear Relationship: Theories of Deterrence and International Relations
E Sridharan (ed.)
Reviewer : Ali Ahmed
Research Fellow, IDSA
The Next Chapter: United States and Pakistan A Report of the Pakistan Policy Working Group
A Report of the Pakistan Policy Working Group
Reviewer : Aharan Raz

Conflict and Diplomacy: US and the Birth of Bangladesh; Pakistan Divides
Jaswant Singh and Maj Gen (Retd.) S P Bhatia
Reviewer : Dr. Bhartendu Kumar Singh
Indian Defence Accounts Service
e-mail: bhartendukumarsingh@gmail.com
Myanmar: Can the Generals Resist Change
Khriezo Yhome
Reviewer : Vibhanshu Shekhar
Research Associate
School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is the premier South Asian think tank which conducts independent research on and provides an in depth analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including nuclear issues, disarmament, non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism, counter terrorism , strategies security sector reforms, and armed conflict and peace processes in the region.

For those in South Asia and elsewhere, the IPCS website provides a comprehensive analysis of the happenings within India with a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir and Naxalite Violence. Our research promotes greater understanding of India's foreign policy especially India-China relations, India's relations with SAARC countries and South East Asia.

Through close interaction with leading strategic thinkers, former members of the Indian Administrative Service, the Foreign Service and the three wings of the Armed Forces - the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, - the academic community as well as the media, the IPCS has contributed considerably to the strategic discourse in India.

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