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Commentary: Not a "Chinese Century," but a less Westernized world
People's Daily, 1 January 2015
BEIJING, Jan. 1 -- As the world marches into 2015, the international landscape augurs just another year of what history wonks refer to as Pax Americana. A "Chinese Century" foreseen by Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz and many others has...

China standardizes procurement for more transparency
People's Daily, 1 January 2015
BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- The State Council, China's cabinet, announced on Wednesday new regulations under the Government Procurement Law to induce transparency and promote fair competition. The regulations were reviewed and passed at an executive...

China will be more proactive in reinforcing ties with neighbors: diplomat
People's Daily, 1 January 2015
BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- China will be even more proactive in pursuing a friendly and good-neighborly policy toward its neighboring countries in the new year, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao said here Wednesday. Liu said in an interview...

President Xi stresses more reform, rule of law in New Year address
People's Daily, 1 January 2015
BEIJING, Dec. 31- Chinese President Xi Jinping underscored the need to continue efforts to advance reform and rule of law in 2015 in his New Year speech on Wednesday, comparing them to "a bird's two wings". The president told domestic...

Why does Japan harp on about China's military exercises?
China Daily, 31 December 2014
The Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has been carrying out a large-scale military exercise in the sea area of the Western Pacific since December 4. Japan has dispatched its naval vessels to track, scout and molest the Chinese...

Commentary: China's economic growth far from losing momentum
People's Daily, 31 December 2014
BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- China's recent economic data signaling slower growth have led some observers to warn of possible distress after more than three decades of breathtaking, double-digit growth. There are many signs of fatigue, they say, pointing...

Human rights no excuse to pressure DPRK
China Daily, 31 December 2014
Despite opposition from China and Russia, the 15-member United Nations Security Council has for the first time cleared a discussion on the human rights record of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Although a binding resolution is unlikely...

More and less at year-end
China Daily, 31 December 2014
There are a thousand ways to do good things. And there are always difficult choices to be made when conflicting needs are involved. Several cities in the country have installed quota control mechanisms to limit automobile ownership...

The recovery of the US economy is a challenge for emerging economies
People's Daily, 30 December 2014
It is reported that US GDP in the third quarter rose by an annualized rate of 5%, the fastest rate of growth recorded since 2011. The rebound is above expectations - a 5% increase is historically unusual, especially for an economy as big as the US.

Commentary: Future Iran nuclear talks need to be based on compromise, trust
People's Daily, 30 December 2014
CAIRO, Dec. 30 -- For decades, Iran's controversial nuclear program has gotten on the nerves of the Western capitals. The latest seven-month talks extension between Tehran and the world powers have once again reminded the international community how...

China could help Russia in trying times
China Daily, 30 December 2014
Russia faces a crisis because of the US-led Western sanctions for its alleged involvement in the Ukraine crisis. In these trying times, China could provide critical assistance to Russia and start the beginning of new type of partnership with its northern...

Debate on largest economy pointless
China Daily, 30 December 2014
As China's GDP growth rate, despite entering a new normal, continues to exceed that of the United States, the country is fast approaching the most anticipated milestone. Depending on how one measures GDP and what adjustments are made, some studies...

US-Cuban detente a triumph of pragmatism
China Daily, 30 December 2014
The recent announcement of the United States and Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations, signaling the beginning of normalization of bilateral ties, is a welcome development. While there will be bumps on the road, the move will succeed and have significant...

Is the world becoming more dangerous?
China Daily, 30 December 2014
Is the world becoming more dangerous? This question was recently asked by strategists, scholars and foreign policy practitioners from across the world at Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, without an affirmative answer. Looking back at 2014, the...

Expert: Oil prices may recover at end of 2015
China Daily, 29 December 2014
In late 1979, I began work on my PhD thesis, an empirical investigation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' surplus and its disposal. It was the end of a decade in which oil prices had undergone two dramatic increases, and most of...

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