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The brave women fighting for Afghanistan's future
BBC News, 8 December 2014
Taller than her classmates, when she waves a small Afghan flag, it flutters above a sea of white headscarves in the courtyard of the Zarghuna Girls' School in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Can pomegranates power the economy?
BBC News, 5 December 2014
As delegates gather in London for a conference on Afghanistan, the prospects for reducing the reliance on foreign aid are increasingly focused on two sectors of the economy: agriculture and hydrocarbons.

Afghanistan’s challenges ahead
The Independent, 4 December 2014
Let it not be said that the West’s intervention in Afghanistan, at a cost of $1trn (£639bn) and the loss of 453 British lives, has achieved nothing: today, after nationwide elections and the first ever democratic handover of power, the country...

Viewpoint: Can China bring peace to Afghanistan?
BBC News, 2 December 2014
China is emerging from the shadows to pledge to play a major role in peacemaking in Afghanistan as foreign troops prepare to withdraw at the end of the month, writes guest columnist Ahmed Rashid.

The Taliban’s Reign of Terror
New York Times, 2 December 2014
Militant gunmen killed four members of a polio vaccination team in Pakistan in late November, deepening the government’s struggle against an outbreak of the disease that is threatening neighboring countries.

Left to the mercy of the Taliban
BBC News, 27 November 2014
Interpreters who worked with US forces in Afghanistan are being hunted down by the Taliban. Thousands have emigrated to the US but others have been blacklisted, refused a visa, and left in grave danger.

Pakistan air strikes target Haqqani insurgents
The Guardian, 26 November 2014
An insurgent group known for its deadly attacks on US forces in Afghanistan has been targeted by Pakistani military aircraft in what is believed to be the first such strike on a group long accused of enjoying the secret backing of Pakistan’s army.

The forbidding new test for prospective refugees
ABC News, 13 November 2014
In 2012, an Afghan truckie facing a Taliban death threat was told he didn't need a protection visa. The High Court yesterday said the decision was made in error, but with new laws on the way, that's irrelevant, writes Michael Bradley.

A new government brings hope of change in Afghanistan
BBC News, 11 November 2014
Maybe it is because there is a deep sigh of relief that the country has survived a months-long political crisis over a presidential election torn by fraud and two powerful camps adamant that they had won.

Rula Ghani, the woman making waves as Afghanistan’s new first lady
The Guardian, 7 November 2014
When Ashraf Ghani gave his inaugural speech as he entered Afghanistan’s presidential palace in September, he did something few people expected of their country’s new leader – he praised the work of his wife Rula, and thanked her for...

Afghanistan as narco-state: end the international drug war
The Korea Times, 5 November 2014
The U.S. government has failed to stop the drug trade at home. Washington also has not created a competent, effective and honest central government in Afghanistan.

Commentary: Afghan president's China tour augurs well for peace, prosperity in region
People's Daily, 3 November 2014
KABUL, Nov. 1 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping was the first foreign leader to embrace Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai's visit, a clear indication of the importance that Beijing has attached to its relations with its neighbor. While China...

Relief and optimism as British troops hand Camp Bastion to Afghan forces
The Guardian, 28 October 2014
With a shake of the hand, British troops departed and left their Afghan counterparts to take up vacated positions around Britain’s long-term base in the restive southern Afghan province of Helmand as the curtain official came down on the UK’s...

US sceptical about Afghan war - poll
BBC News, 28 October 2014
Americans are sharply divided as to the value of the nation's intervention in Afghanistan, a new BBC poll suggests.

Women's rights groups hail conviction of Afghan cleric for girl's rape
CNN News, 28 October 2014
The case is being hailed by women's rights groups and activists as a watershed moment, in a country where women are still the targets of violence, despite reforms since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

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