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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
August 2017
The Strategist "The World is Not Peaceful"
31 August 2017 Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar weighs in on the dogmas, past and present, that guide Chinese strategic thinking
Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty: Addressing Normative Concerns
31 August 2017 Shivani Singh considers the successes and failures of the recently adopted treaty
North Korea: Time to Focus on Minimisation, Not Denuclearisation
29 August 2017 Rahul Raj argues that North Korea has reason to distrust the US and hold onto technology that levels the playing the field
IPCS Discussion The Nuclear Future
26 August 2017 Transcript of remarks made at the IPCS discussion, 'The Nuclear Future', on 8 August 2017
Fifty Years of ASEAN: Between Assertion and Reinvention
26 August 2017 Angshuman Choudhury cautions that geopolitics and structural issues may restrain the organisation from realising its ambitious new agenda
Eagle Eye Testing the Trump-Modi Partnership
25 August 2017 Prof Chintamani Mahapatra analyses the challenges facing the India-US relationship
Nepal's Disaster Management Preparedness: Taking Stock
24 August 2017 Avasna  Pandey looks at the obstacles in the way of effective disaster management in the country
China’s Nuclear Programme: Modernising or Multiplying?
22 August 2017 Allyson Rimmer considers the evidence in support of the claims regarding China's nuclear weapons programme
Dateline Colombo Sri Lanka: Leveraging the Politics of Geography
22 August 2017 Asanga Abeyagoonasekera considers how the country can reap the political benefits of its geostrategic location
Strategic Space Stabilising Deterrence: Doctrines Score Over Numbers
22 August 2017 Dr Manpreet Sethi asks whether low numbers automatically help generate strategic stability
Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
22 August 2017 Rana Banerji weighs in on Donald Trump's long-awaited pronouncement on his administration's  approach to Afghanistan
Three Years of the Modi Government India-Afghanistan Relations: Innovating Continuity
17 August 2017 Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy reviews India's Afghanistan policy under the Modi government 
Three Years of the Modi Government The State and the States: The Northeast in the Centre's Vision
17 August 2017 Sanjoy Hazarika and Niyati Singh consider the Centre's policy initiatives towards the region
Three Years of the Modi Government India-Nepal Relations: Mixed Fortunes
16 August 2017 Dr Pramod Jaiswal reviews the trajectory of New Delhi-Kathmandu relations since 2014 and says it has seen several ups and downs
East Asia Compass The US' Acrobatic Responses to the North Korean Riddle
13 August 2017 Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra analyses the potential reasons for, and implications of, the US' policy stances towards North Korea
Maritime Matters Dhow Trade in the North Arabian Sea
7 August 2017 Dr Vijay Sakhuja reviews the risks and traditions associated with Dhow trade in the North Arabian sea and identifies recent trends
The Strategist A Pug, a Terrier and the Doklam Stand Off
7 August 2017 Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar assesses the standoff at Doklam and says any conflict will be waged on terms advantageous to India 
Special Commentary Pakistan: The Nawaz Ouster
2 August 2017 Rana Banerji analyses the ouster of Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the implications of the same 
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