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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
April 2017
China-Philippines Ties: Lessons for India and Japan
27 April 2017 Tapan Bharadwaj considers the opportunities for India and Japan to re-engage with Southeast Asia
IPCS Discussion Lok Sabha By-polls: Reading Jammu and Kashmir
27 April 2017 Sarral Sharma reports on the proceedings of the discussion held on 18 March 2017
Pakistan and the Panama Papers Verdict
21 April 2017

Rana Banerji analyses the verdict delivered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and assesses the potential implications of the same

Dateline Colombo Sri Lanka: National Interests in a Globalised World
20 April 2017 Asanga Abeyagoonasekera argues that the Sri Lankan government should take into account and assess its national interests while deciding on policies
Strategic Space US-North Korea Military Swashbuckling and China's Role
19 April 2017 Dr Manpreet Sethi cautions against the risks of the evolving scenario, not least from inadvertent escalation as a result of incidents or accidents
Special Commentary Jammu and Kashmir: A Saga of Neglect
19 April 2017 Arun Chaudhary comments on the deteriorating situation in the state, drawing from his own experiences in the armed forces
West Asia Obama, Trump, and Abiding Authoritarianism in Egypt
19 April 2017 Derek Verbakel asks if there has been a policy shift in the US' approach towards Egypt and assesses the trajectory of Egypt's political situation
Evolving External Influence in Jammu and Kashmir (Part II)
14 April 2017 Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain identifies recent developments that might have a bearing on the situation in J&K in the coming months
Asia-Pacific: Is Middle Power Multilateralism Possible?
13 April 2017 Chandrali Sarkar assesses the plausibility of a middle power coalition between India, Japan and Australia as a counter to a rising China
Trump Vs Obama: US Policy Towards Adversarial States
13 April 2017 Kimberley Anne Nazareth on the elements of continuity and change in US strategy towards Syria, North Korea and Iran
Why India’s Economic Reforms are Climate Unfriendly
13 April 2017 Niharika Tagotra explores how India's Budget 2017 and the Goods and Services Tax could impact the country domestically as well as New Delhi's international obligations
J&K Focus Evolving External Influence in Jammu and Kashmir (Part I)
12 April 2017 Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain identifies recent developments that might have a bearing on the situation in J&K in the coming months
Trump's Strike Against Syria: International Implications
11 April 2017 Amb (Retd) KP Fabian assesses the potential implications of US President Donald Trump's missile strike on Syria's Shayrat air base
IPCS Discussion India’s Nuclear Strategy
10 April 2017 Niharika Tagotra reports on the proceedings of the discussion held on 31 March 2017
India's Nuclear Doctrine and Strategy
10 April 2017 Abhijit Iyer-Mitra weighs in on the recent debate on the possible evolution of Indian nuclear strategy
Operation Twilight: A Turning Point in Bangladesh
10 April 2017 Angshuman Choudhury traces the evolving nature, capabilities and tactics employed by terrorist outfits in Bangladesh and the security forces' responses to them
IPCS Discussion Diplomacy and the Politics of Language
10 April 2017 Derek Verbakel reports on the proceedings of the discussion held on 31 March 2017
East Asia Compass Park Geun-hye's Impeachment and South Korean Foreign Policy
4 April 2017 Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra looks at the implications for East Asian regional politics
Forecast 2017: Nepal
4 April 2017 Dr Pramod Jaiswal assesses how Nepal fared in 2016 and identifies the challenges the country will have to overcome in 2017
Sino-Indian Strategic Dialogue: Differences in Strategic Thinking
3 April 2017

Siwei Liu analyses the recently concluded Sino-Indian strategic dialogue and says an open and creative attitude would be a way forward

Year 2017
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