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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
January 2015
Dhaka Discourse IPCS Forecast: Bangladesh in 2015
31 January 2015 Prof Delwar Hossain identifies Bangladesh's trajectory in 2015
India-Nepal: Disparate Partners in Fuel Diplomacy
29 January 2015 Kalpana Jha provides Nepal's perspective vis-a-vis Kathmandu's uneasiness over the new terms in its energy deal with New Delhi
Pakistan, Militancy and the New Paradigm Will the Genie Want to Go Back?
29 January 2015 Dr D Suba Chandran looks at the variegated approaches in dealing with militant outfits
J&K: Nailing the Lies
27 January 2015 Shujaat Bukhari writes why Liaqat Shah's acquittal by the NIA has a potential to set a benchmark for justice
East Asia Compass IPCS Forecast: East Asia in 2015
21 January 2015 Prof Sandip Kumar Mishra presents an annual projection based on his assessment of the past year
IPCS Forecast: Myanmar in 2015
21 January 2015 Aparupa Bhattacherjee takes stock of the multiple ongoing transitions in Myanmar and makes projections for 2015
IPCS Forecast: China in 2015
21 January 2015 Teshu Singh makes projections about Chinese domestic and foreign policy for the new year
IPCS Forecast: Towards a Nuclear Deal with Iran in 2015
19 January 2015 Ruhee Neog identifies the likely trajectories of the nuclear negotiations with Iran in 2015
IPCS Forecast: Islamic State in 2015
19 January 2015 Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy looks at the militant group’s likely trajectory in the new year
Red Affairs IPCS Forecast: Left-wing Extremism in 2015
19 January 2015 Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray identifies key trends in left-wing extremism that India is likely to witness in 2015
Australia & India: A New Era in Defence Cooperation?
19 January 2015 Stephen Westcott reflects on the status of bilateral defence ties
India’s Defence Procurement: The Indigenisation Challenge
19 January 2015 Saumitra Mohan explains why transparency in defence procurement will go a long way in India
Indo-Pacific IPCS Forecast: Southeast Asia in 2015
19 January 2015 Shankari Sundararaman identifies key trends - regional and country-wise - that Southeast Asia is likely to witness in 2015
Sri Lankan Presidential Election The Fall of Rajapaksa: Why Democracies Fail Strongmen
19 January 2015 D Suba Chandran writes why leaders must not take the ballot for granted in complex democracies like in South Asian countries
J&K Governor's Rule and PDP's Dilemma
19 January 2015 Shujaat Bukhari comments on the failure to deliver a state government despite the high voter turn-out 
Indus-tan IPCS Forecast: Pakistan in 2015
19 January 2015 Sushant Sareen identifies key domestic and foreign policy trends that are likely to confront Pakistan in 2015
Dateline Islamabad IPCS Forecast: Pakistan in 2015
17 January 2015 Salma Malik highlights crucial domestic and foreign policy issues that are likely to be faced by Pakistan in 2015
Himalayan Frontier IPCS Forecast: Nepal in 2015
14 January 2015 Pramod Jaiswal presents an annual projection based on his assessment of the past year
Sri Lanka after Rajapaksa: A New Chapter with India?
14 January 2015 Prof V Suryanarayan on improving bilateral relations between the two countries in the post Rajapakse era
Regional Economy IPCS Forecast: South Asian Regional Integration
12 January 2015 Prof Amita Batra says 2015 is an opportune time to set the processes for South Asian regional integration in motion
The Strategist The Af-Pak Entity: Seduction to Armageddon?
12 January 2015 Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar presents a reading of the emerging regional security environment
Jammu & Kashmir State Elections J&K Election Verdict: For Integration, Not Assimilation
8 January 2015 Ashok Bhan assesses the upshots of the assembly election results in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Democratic Invitation to a Soft Coup Pakistan: The Military Courts
8 January 2015 D Suba Chandran writes why the Pakistani parliament's invitation to set up military courts will be counter-productive for the country
India-Pakistan Relations: A New Low
7 January 2015 Shujaat Bukhari writes while Pakistan must stop being provocative, India too must take sincere efforts to bring peace back to the region
India’s Nuclear Doctrine: Reviewing NFU and Massive Retaliation
7 January 2015 Brig (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal reflects on doctrinal credibility
Maritime Matters IPCS Forecast: The Indian Ocean in 2015
6 January 2015 Dr Vijay Sakhuja presents an annual projection based on his assessment of the past year
East Asia Compass China-North Korea: Reasons for Reconciliation
6 January 2015 Prof Sandip Kumar Mishra looks at why Xi Jinping may be seeking a course correction in the bilateral relationship
Voice from America Obama’s Rapprochement with Cuba
5 January 2015 Prof Amit Gupta looks at the possible consequences of a transformed bilateral relationship
Spotlight West Asia IPCS Forecast: West Asia in 2015
5 January 2015 Ambassador Ranjit Gupta provides his assessments on the potential trajectories West Asia will be on, through the course of 2015
Dateline Colombo Sri Lanka: Stability in 2015
5 January 2015 Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, with a focus on the presidential elections, sets the stage for Sri Lanka in 2015.
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