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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
January 2012
Southern Philippines’ Conflict: Quest for a Settlement
31 January 2012 Chongtham Gunnamani sheds light on the peace talks between the Government of Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)
Indo-Vietnam Defence Relations: Strategically Responsive
31 January 2012 Amruta Karambelkar argues for greater defence engagement between India and Vietnam
LLRC Report on Sri Lanka’s War: Pride, Prejudice and Paradise
31 January 2012 J Jeganaathan examines the report drawn up by the Sri Lankan Commission of Inquiry on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation
The Anwar Verdict and Malaysian Elections: What will be the Impact?
30 January 2012 Chongtham Gunnamani on the recent boost to the opposition’s appeal
Bangladesh on the Tipaimukh Dam: A Print Media Analysis
30 January 2012 Panchali Saikia notes the variations in domestic perspective
China and Thailand: Analyzing Xi Jinping’s Visit
24 January 2012 Teshu Singh discusses the renewed vigour in Sino-Thai relations
Cold Start: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
20 January 2012 Ali Ahmed investigates remarks made by the Indian Army Chief’s on the Cold Start doctrine
Nepal in 2011: A Turbulent Peace?
20 January 2012 Pradeepa Viswanathan highlights Nepal's two most-prominent challenges in the year gone-by
India-Japan Relations at 60: Setting the Stage for Kizuna
20 January 2012 Jithin S George on the need for deeper engagement between these two Asian powers
Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs: Where Talks Fear To Tread
20 January 2012 Tanvi Kulkarni probes the future of Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs based on insights from Indian strategic experts
India’s Iran Dilemma: Nuclear Fuel or Crude Oil?
18 January 2012 J Jeganaathan explores three policy options that India can exercise to secure its energy interests vis-a-vis Iran
BKI and the Naxals in Punjab: Unlikely Cohorts
18 January 2012 Alankrita Sinha and Namrata Hasija deny the possibility of a naxal-BKI alliance to resurrect insurgency due to their strong ideological differences  
BKI and the Naxals in Punjab: Opportunist Allies?
18 January 2012 Medha Chaturvedi dwells on the possibilty of resurgence of naxalite violence in Punjab via support from other groups with similar agendas
China's Modernization Rush: Kashgar At Crossroads
16 January 2012 Bhavna Singh comments on China's initiatives to revive the old Silk Route city of Kashgar in Xinjiang
China-South Korea Presidential Summit: Fait Accompli?
16 January 2012 Jayadeva Ranade looks at the issues and outcome of the Presidential dialogue between China and South Korea 
Af-Pak Diary: The Taliban Apologists, Opportunists and Opponents
15 January 2012 D Suba Chandran identifies three significant stakeholders with varying objectives and endgames
A 'Delhi Discourse' with Central Asia: Reviving Linkages
10 January 2012 D Suba Chandran recommends a broadening of the scope of India’s engagement with the Central Asian Republics
US and Pakistan: Likely American Strategy in 2012
10 January 2012 Aryaman Bhatnagar forecasts the unlikelihood of the US reducing pressure on Pakistan despite moves towards reconciliation
Pakistan: Will Democracy Prevail?
9 January 2012 Radha Vinod Raju speculates on the future of democracy in Pakistan in the backdrop of the Memogate scandal
Reading Pakistan: A New Taliban Shura
5 January 2012 D Suba Chandran comments on the likely motivations behind the formation of the shura
Pakistan: The Imran Khan Phenomenon
5 January 2012 Aryaman Bhatnagar deconstructs the politician’s reported popularity
Analyzing 2011: Prognosticating 2012
3 January 2012 P R Chari reflects on the failures and achievements of year gone-by and what they indicate for the future 
China in Outer Space: A Strategy for Global Supremacy?
3 January 2012 Radhakrishana Rao comments on the Chinese space overtures 
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