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Naxalite Violence - Articles

Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
#5005, 22 March 2016
LWE and the Role of Economic Development and Key Industries
Jed Lea-Henry analyses why despite the correct identification of the core of the LWE problem, the counter measures have not yielded proportional results
#4988, 17 February 2016
Red Affairs
Forecast 2016: Shrinking Space for Left-wing Extremism

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray makes projections on the Left-wing Extremism issue in India, for 2016
#4971, 25 January 2016
Forecast 2016: Security Situation in Northeast India
Wasbir Hussain identifies five potential security scenarios that might emerge in India's northeast in 2016
#4878, 21 May 2015
Red Affairs
Countering Left Wing Extremism: Failures within Successes

Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray writes about the urgency of course correction in anti-LWE operations at a time when the extremists are facing existential issues
#4877, 21 May 2015
Left Wing Extremism
Maoists in the Western Ghats: Propaganda or Substance?

Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee analyses the urgency of the situation vis-a-vis the Maoist presence in the Western Ghats
#4869, 7 May 2015
Looking East
Naga Peace Process: Gone Off Track

Wasbir Hussain writes about the Naga insurgency in India and the emergence of the NSCN-R, a new insurgent group in Nagaland
#4850, 16 March 2015
Red Affairs
Return of the Native: CPI-Maoist in Kerala

Dr. Bibhu Prasad Routray writes why the Kerala government must take the CPI-Maoist threat seriously
#4841, 23 February 2015
Red Affairs
The Rising Civilian Costs of the State-Vs-Extremists Conflict

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray writes why civilians always pay the heaviest price in the war between the State and Left Wing Extremists
#4777, 15 December 2014
Red Affairs
Maoist Attack on the CRPF: Time for New Counter-strategies

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray questions the competency and aptness of the policies employed by the Indian government to tackle Maoist insurgency
#4741, 17 November 2014
Red Affairs
Naxal Violence: Challenges to Jharkhand Polls

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray looks at why indications of reduced violence may not serve as a parameter of state success in countering LWE
#4705, 20 October 2014
Red Affairs
Naxalites and the Might of a Fragile Revolution

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray takes stock of the CPI-Maoist insurgency and the Indian government's new policy to counter the insurgents
#4657, 15 September 2014
Red Affairs
Six Thousand Plus Killed: The Naxal Ideology of Violence

Bibhu Prasad Routray blames the naxal leadership for advocating bloodshed and annihilation

#4608, 18 August 2014
Red Affairs
Anti-Naxal Operations: Seeking Refuge in Symbolism

Dr Bibhu Prasad Routray highlights the current state of affairs resulting from the policy stagnation that marks the anti-Naxal initiative
#4585, 23 July 2014
Nepal: Flawed Nature of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Subin Nepal explains the flawed nature of Nepal's  Truth and Reconciliation Commission and suggests ways forward
#4575, 24 July 2014
Combating Maoism: Lessons from Jharkhand
Saneya Arif looks at how Jharkhand has been able to successfully counter Maoism within the state
#4572, 21 July 2014
Red Affairs
A 'New' Counter-Naxal Action Plan

Bibhu Prasad Routray analyses the new 29-point Action Plan evolved by India's Ministry of Home Affairs to address left wing extremism
India and its Neighbourhood: An Audit of Conflict and Peace
10 July 2015

Trends in Terrorism and Implications for Global Security
15 May 2015

Naxal Arrested in Narayanpur District of Chhattisgarh
New Indian Express, 26 March 2014
A Naxal `commander', who carried a reward of Rs 20,000 on his head, was arrested in the Narayanpur district of Chhattisgarh, police said.Among other incidents, he was allegedly involved in the ambush in Dhaudai in which 27 CRPF troopers were killed...

Chhattisgarh: Naxal camp busted, arms seized
Indian Express, 17 March 2014
Ahead of the first phase of election in 70 Assembly seats and 10 Lok Sabha seats in Naxal-dominated districts of Orissa, security forces achieved a major success when they busted a Maoist camp operating in the Chhattisgarh forests on the state border.The...

Indian Mujahideen (IM) tried to contact Nepal Maoists: NIA
Mizo News, 24 February 2014
New Delhi: Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal tried to contact Maoists of Nepal to seek their help in carrying out terror strikes in India, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said in the charge sheet filed against him.Investigation has...

Maoist leader arrested in Bihar
Hindu, 15 February 2014
The Bihar police on Saturday arrested Maoist Ram Pravesh Baitha alias Satish, allegedly in charge of Bihar operations, along with Pravesh Mishra, an alleged arms supplier to the Maoists, Amit Kumar, IG-Operations, said. A team of the Special Task Force...

Police lens on people with Naxal links
The Asian Age, 22 January 2014
The Chhattisgarh police has begun a probe into alleged link of some industrialists, businessmen and politicians in the state with Naxals following interrogation of two Maoist associates, arrested here recently. “The two arrested Maoist associates...

Issue Briefs, Special Reports, Research Papers
IPCS Forecast 2016
Special Report 182
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IPCS Forecasts: Naxal Violence in 2015
Bibhu Prasad Routray
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Patterns of Naxal Recruitment
Uddipan Mukherjee
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Rajat Kumar Kujur
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The Naxal Problem: Understanding the Issues, Challenges and Alternative Approaches
Aryaman Bhatnagar , Annapoorna Karthika , Anureet Rai , Amruta Karambelkar , Sanghita Datta and Medha Chaturvedi
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Countering the Naxalites: Deploying the Armed Forces
PR Chari
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Banning the Naxalites: What Next?
Rajat Kumar Kujur
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Terrorism and Armed Violence in India: An Analysis of Events in 2008
Devyani Srivastava
Special Report 71
Armed Conflicts in South Asia, 2009
Edited by Rekha Chakravarthi
Conference Report 15
Failure or Functional Anarchy?: Understanding Weak/Failing States in South Asia
D Suba Chandran
Issue Brief 100
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2008: Growing Violence
D Suba Chandran and PR Chari (eds.)
New Delhi: Routledge, 2008

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