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Nuclear - Issue Briefs, Special Reports, Research Papers
Issue Briefs are 2,500-word long essays that examine various topics and their implications, besides making policy recommendations.
#Special Report 182, April 2016
IPCS Forecast 2016
#Special Report 181, March 2016
Roots of the Syrian Crisis
VP Haran
#Special Report 180, December 2015
Modi in Lahore: Indian and Pakistani Reflections
#Special Report 178, February 2015
Charting Global Transitions
IPCS Annual 2015
#Issue Brief 255, July 2014
Deterrence, Second Strike and Credibility: Revisiting Indiaís Nuclear Strategy Debate
Rajesh Basrur
#Special Report 155, March 2014
Global Nuclear Materials Security: An Agenda for India
IPCS Discussion
#Special Report 154, March 2014
Nuclear Security Summit 2014: Prescriptions and Perspectives
IPCS Special Focus
#Special Report 153, March 2014
Global Nuclear Materials Security: Perspectives from India
IPCS Discussion
#Special Report 152, March 2014
Nuclear Security Summit 2014 and Beyond: An Agenda for India
IPCS Policy Brief
#Issue Brief 245, March 2014
China, Indian Ocean & the Nuclear Deterrence: The Destabilizing Effect
Sahil Mathur
#Issue Brief 244, February 2014
Nuclear Materials Security: An Assessment of the NTI Index 2014
PR Chari
Visiting Professor, IPCS, New Delhi
#Special Report 142, July 2013
India, Pakistan and the Nuclear Race
IPCS Debate
#Issue Brief 223, June 2013
Towards a New Asian Security Architecture?: India and Japan
Rajaram Panda
#Issue Brief 218, May 2013
Indian Perspectives: A New Security Architecture for the Gulf
Ranjit Gupta
#Issue Brief 209, April 2013
The North Korean Threat: More Bark Than Bite
Rajaram Panda
#Issue Brief 197, June 2012
Dual Use or Proliferation?: Chinaís Janus Face
Martin de Lavernťe
#Issue Brief 196, June 2012
Undermining Deterrence?: The Non State Actors and Indiaís Nuclear Doctrine
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
#Special Report 128, May 2012
IPCS Review: NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index
Tanvi Kulkarni et al
#Issue Brief 195, May 2012
Iran and the Nuclear Conundrum: A War in Waiting?
J Jeganaathan
Research Officer, IPCS
#Issue Brief 194, May 2012
Afghanistan & the International Community: Limitations of Engagement
Aryaman Bhatnagar
Research Officer, IPCS
#Issue Brief 193, May 2012
Iran, International Community & Nuclear Weapons: The Multiple Narratives
Abhijit Iyer Mitra , Ruhee Neog and Tanvi Kulkarni
Research Offiicers, IPCS
#Issue Brief 192, May 2012
The Crisis State: Pakistanís Security Dilemma
D Suba Chandran
Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 191, May 2012
Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran: Radical Islam, Nuclear Weapons and Regional Security
Rana Banerji
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS & Special Secretary (Retd), Cabinet Secretariat
#Special Report 126, April 2012
India and the Rafale: Anatomy of a Bad Deal
Abhijit Iyer‐Mitra
Research Officer, IPCS
#Special Report 115, April 2012
The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: A Critique
Tanvi Kulkarni
#Special Report 114, February 2012
The Indian Civil Nuclear Programme: Issues, Concerns, Opportunities
Ruhee Neog , Tanvi Kulkarni , Alankrita Sinha and Abhijit Iyer‐Mitra
#Conference Report 37, January 2012
Iran and Regional Security: Understanding Tehranís Predicaments, Objectives and Strategies
Anureet Rai , Pradeepa Viswanathan and Sanghita Dutta
#Issue Brief 179, December 2011
Indiaís Credible Minimum Deterrence: A Decade Later
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
#Issue Brief 173, September 2011
Technology and Nuclear Proliferation: The Problem from Laser Enrichment
PR Chari
#Issue Brief 172, September 2011
Defence Reforms and National Security: Managing Threats and Challenges to India
Gurmeet Kanwal
#Special Report 109, August 2011
China-Pakistan Nuclear Alliance:An Analysis
Siddharth Ramana
#Issue Brief 170, August 2011
The Nuclear Debate in Japan: Are there alternatives?
Rajaram Panda
#CBRN Brief 22, April 2011
Nuclear Energy and Non-proliferation: The Curious Case of India
PR Chari
#Conference Report 34, March 2011
Nuclear Disarmament and Non Proliferation
#Issue Brief 164, March 2011
From CTBT to FMCT: The Nuclear Debate in India
PR Chari
#CBRN Brief 21, December 2010
US, Russia & The New START: Implications for Nuclear Arms Reduction
Lydia Walker and Siddarth Ramana
#CBRN South Asia 29, June 2010
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
N0.6 , June 2010
#CBRN South Asia 28, May 2010
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
N0.5 , May 2010
#Special Report 90, May 2010
The Nuclear Safety Culture in India: Past, Present and Future
Chaitanya Ravi
#CBRN Brief 20, May 2010
The Nuclear Security Summit: Towards International Cooperation
Tara Sarin
Research Officer, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
#CBRN Brief 19, April 2010
The NPT and Nuclear Security Summit
Swadesh M Rana
Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute
#Research Paper 25, April 2010
Politics of UNSC Sanctions: The Issue of Nuclear Weapons Development
Prashant Hosur
Research Assistant, IDSA
#CBRN South Asia 27, April 2010
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
N0.4 , April 2010
#CBRN South Asia 26, March 2010
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 2-3 , March 2010
#CBRN South Asia 25, January 2010
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 1 , January 2010
#CBRN Brief 18, January 2010
Nuclear Iran: From Confrontation to Cooperation?
Larissa Wagner
Research Intern, IPCS
#CBRN South Asia 24, December 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 12 , December 2009
#CBRN South Asia 23, November 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 11 , November 2009
#CBRN Brief 17, October 2009
The Nuclear Debate in Pakistan: Post- Indo-US Deal
Rabia Akhtar
#CBRN Brief 16, October 2009
Exploring Regional Zero: An Alternative Indian Nuclear Disarmament Strategy?
D Suba Chandran
#Conference Report 23, October 2009
Review of the Shanghai Meeting and the Future Agenda
IPCS Panel Discussion Report
#CBRN South Asia 22, October 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 10 , October 2009
#Conference Report 22, September 2009
Debriefing the Trilateral India-China-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue: Towards a Stable Nuclear Order in Asia
Tara Sarin
#Conference Report 21, September 2009
Second Annual Workshop on Nuclear Disarmament and Regional Security
IPCS Workshop Report
#Special Report 82, September 2009
How Prepared Are We?: India and the Challenge of Nuclear Terror
Sitakanta Mishra
#CBRN South Asia 21, September 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 9 , September 2009
#Conference Report 20, August 2009
Towards Nuclear Disarmament: The Case for No First Use and Project Base Camp
Sonali Huria and Yogesh Joshi
#Special Report 81, August 2009
From Bomb to the Base Camp: Global Nuclear Disarmament and the Ensuing Debate
Interview with Dr. Scott Sagan
Rekha Chakravarthi & Yogesh Joshi
#Special Report 80, August 2009
Pokharan-I: Personal Recollections
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
#CBRN South Asia 20, August 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 8 , August 2009
#CBRN Brief 15, July 2009
Nuclear Energy, Mining and Trade: Understanding Australiaís Nuclear Policy
Kimberley Layton
Former Intern, IPCS
#CBRN Brief 14, July 2009
Japan & Nuclear Disarmament: Looking through the US Umbrella
Tomoko Kiyota
Former Intern, IPCS
#CBRN South Asia 19, July 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.7 , July 2009
#Conference Report 19, June 2009
Towards the 2010 NPT RevCon
#CBRN Brief 13, June 2009
Pakistanís Nuclear Assets: Safe and Secure
Rabia Akhtar
Defense and Diplomatic Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
#Special Report 74, June 2009
Recent Developments in North Korea
PR Chari
#CBRN South Asia 18, June 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.6 , June 2009
#Conference Report 17, June 2009
Nuclear Policies of Japan and Australia: Implications for India
Rapporteured by Yogesh Joshi
#Special Report 73, June 2009
India and the Impending FMCT
Interview with Prof R. Rajaraman
Rekha Chakravarthi & Yogesh Joshi
#Conference Report 18, June 2009
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Seeking Synergy in Bilateralism
Book Discussion
Rapporteured by Sitakanta Mishra, Vidisha Shukla & Yogesh Joshi
#Conference Report 16, May 2009
Obama and Nuclear Disarmament: An Indian Critique
#CBRN South Asia 17, May 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.5 , May 2009
#CBRN South Asia 16, April 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
Nos. 1-4 , April 2009
#CBRN Brief 12, March 2009
India and Nuclear Disarmament: Chasing a Dream
Rekha Chakravarthi
#CBRN Brief 11, February 2009
Pakistan's Nuclear Assets: India's Concerns
Ali Ahmed
Security Analyst, New Delhi
#CBRN South Asia 12, December 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.11-12 , December 2008
#Special Report 62, December 2008
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Implications for India and the Global Nuclear Regime
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
#Special Report 61, December 2008
Behind the NSG and Six Party Talks: Chinese Strategic Interests
Hayoun Ryou
#CBRN South Asia 10, October 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.10 , October 2008
#Conference Report 13, October 2008
Nuclear Disarmament and Doctrines: India, China and Pakistan
IPCS Workshop Report
#Conference Report 12, October 2008
Nuclear Disarmament & Regional Security: Reintroducing the Disarmament Debate among Young Scholars
#Conference Report 11, October 2008
Nuclear Disarmament & South Asian Security: A Regional Dialogue
R Sridhar
#CBRN South Asia 9, September 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.8-9 , September 2008
#Conference Report 10, September 2008
Nuclear Disarmament and Regional Security: Reintroducing the Disarmament Debate in South Asia
Aarti S
#CBRN Brief 10, August 2008
Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Gretchen Smith
Research Intern, IPCS
#CBRN Brief 9, August 2008
Safeguarding Pakistanís Nuclear Assets
Prashant Hosur
Research Intern, IPCS
#CBRN South Asia 7, July 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.7 , July 2008
#CBRN Brief 8, July 2008
Ten Years After Pokharan-II
Henri Laniece
Research Intern, IPCS
#CBRN South Asia 6, June 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.6 , June 2008
#CBRN Brief 7, June 2008
Pakistanís Nuclear Assets How Safe are the Weapons of Deterrence?
Prashant Hosur
Research Intern, IPCS
#CBRN Brief 6, June 2008
Ten Years After Chagai
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director
#CBRN Brief 5, June 2008
Between Responsibility, Rhetoric and Realpolitik
Henri Laniece
Research Intern
#CBRN South Asia 5, May 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.3-5 , May 2008
#CBRN Brief 4, April 2008
Radiological Terrorism Threats to India
Reshmi Kazi
#CBRN Brief 3, March 2008
Between Safeguards and Crossroads India and the IAEA
Arun Vishwanathan
Associate Fellow Indian Pugwash Society, New Delhi
#CBRN Brief 2, March 2008
India and the FMCT Issues and Concerns
Sameer Suryakant Patil
#CBRN South Asia 2, February 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.2 , February 2008
#CBRN Brief 1, February 2008
In Chinatown The Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow, Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi
#CBRN South Asia 1, January 2008
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No. 1 , January 2008
#Issue Brief 47, June 2007
Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Cooperation: Reprocessing Issue Reconstructed
Manpreet Sethi
Senior Fellow Centre for Air Power Studies
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