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India - Issue Briefs, Special Reports, Research Papers
Issue Briefs are 2,500-word long essays that examine various topics and their implications, besides making policy recommendations.
#Special Report 191, August 2017
Three Years of the Modi Government
#Special Report 190, August 2017
Policy Brief | Indo-Dutch Cooperation on Sustainable Futures
#Special Report 189, June 2017
Policy Brief | Revamping India’s Renewable Energy Sector: Opportunities and Challenges
#Special Report 188, June 2017
Indian and Chinese Energy Policies: Addressing Energy Needs and Climate Change
#Special Report 187, June 2017
BCIM Economic Corridor: Facilitating Sub-Regional Development
Roshan Iyer
#Special Report 186, March 2017
A Year in Transition: Assessing Democracy in Myanmar
#Issue Brief 263, August 2016
REXIT Impact: Flipping the Coin
Prerana Priyadarshi
Research Officer, IPCS
#Research Paper 29, August 2016
India's Panda: The rise and fall of Sabyasachi Panda in India's Maoist movement
Jed Lea-Henry
Assistant Professor, Vignan University
#Special Report 183, May 2016
Election Analysis: Battle for the States
#Special Report 182, April 2016
IPCS Forecast 2016
#Issue Brief 261, April 2016
State Support to Insurgents in Other States:Resolution or Worsening of Conflict?
Harish Venugopalan
Research Intern, IPCS
#Special Report 181, March 2016
Roots of the Syrian Crisis
VP Haran
#Special Report 180, December 2015
Modi in Lahore: Indian and Pakistani Reflections
#Special Report 178, February 2015
Charting Global Transitions
IPCS Annual 2015
#Special Report 176, January 2015
IPCS Forecasts: India's Northeast in 2015
Wasbir Hussain
#Special Report 173, January 2015
IPCS Forecasts: Naxal Violence in 2015
Bibhu Prasad Routray
#Special Report 166, January 2015
Building Synergies: The Northeast & India’s New Government 
IPCS-CDPS Policy Brief
#Issue Brief 253, May 2014
Patterns of Naxal Recruitment
Uddipan Mukherjee
#Special Report 159, March 2014
Peace Audit Northeast: Implications of Ethnic Reorganization
HN Das
Former Chief Secretary, Assam
#Special Report 158, March 2014
Peace Audit Northeast: A Roadmap to Restore Normalcy
SP Kar
#Special Report 157, March 2014
Peace Audit Northeast: The Naxal Spread and its Local Linkages
Wasbir Hussain
Executive Director, CDPS, Guwahati
#Special Report 156, March 2014
Peace Audit Northeast: The Road to Peace in Manipur
Chitra Ahanthem
#Special Report 151, March 2014
Federalism and Foreign Policy: Dynamics of Centre-State Dissensions in India
IPCS Debate
#Issue Brief 238, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Culture, Commodification and Tourism
Tashi Lundup
#Issue Brief 237, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: A Subtle Yet Strong Patriarchy
Chimat Ladol
#Issue Brief 236, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Evolving Indigenous & Quality Education
Samina Rehman
#Issue Brief 235, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Identifying the “Other” in Buddhist-Muslim Transformative Relations
Sumera Shafi
#Issue Brief 234, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Communal Divide in Kargil & Leh
Fayaz Hussain
#Issue Brief 229, July 2013
Destruction of the First Temple: Securing the Idea of Indian Nation
Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar
#Research Paper 27, May 2013
Contemporary Naxal Movement in India: New Trends, State Responses and Recommendations
Rajat Kumar Kujur
#Conference Report 43, June 2012
Second National Dialogue on the Naxal Problem: Mapping the Motivations and Local Support
#Conference Report 42, May 2012
Building Bridges: A Regional Dialogue
Panchali Saikia , Pradeepa Viswanathan and Ruhee Neog
#Special Report 127, May 2012
Australia and India in the Asian Century
Address by H.E. Peter Varghese AO
#Special Report 126, April 2012
India and the Rafale: Anatomy of a Bad Deal
Abhijit Iyer‐Mitra
Research Officer, IPCS
#Special Report 116, April 2012
Nathu La: A Trip Report
Namrata Hasija
#Special Report 115, April 2012
The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: A Critique
Tanvi Kulkarni
#Issue Brief 189, April 2012
Connecting South Asia: Experimenting with the Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Model
Panchali Saikia
#Issue Brief 188, April 2012
Connecting South Asia: The Stilwell Road & Sub-Regional Networks
Ruhee Neog
#Issue Brief 182, March 2012
Nathu La & the Sino-Indian Trade: Understanding the Sensitivities in Sikkim
Jayadeva Ranade
Distinguished Fellow, CAPS
#Issue Brief 181, March 2012
National Counter Terrorism Centre for India: Understanding the Debate
PR Chari
#Conference Report 38, March 2012
The Naxal Problem: Understanding the Issues, Challenges and Alternative Approaches
Aryaman Bhatnagar , Annapoorna Karthika , Anureet Rai , Amruta Karambelkar , Sanghita Datta and Medha Chaturvedi
#Special Report 114, February 2012
The Indian Civil Nuclear Programme: Issues, Concerns, Opportunities
Ruhee Neog , Tanvi Kulkarni , Alankrita Sinha and Abhijit Iyer‐Mitra
#Issue Brief 180, January 2012
Alternative Regional Strategy for India: Exploring Soft Power Options
J Jeganaathan
#Issue Brief 179, December 2011
India’s Credible Minimum Deterrence: A Decade Later
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
#Conference Report 36, December 2011
Energy and Environmental Security: A Regional Dialogue (Final Report)
#Special Report 111, December 2011
Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan: India as Catalyst
Ali Ahmed
#Issue Brief 176, October 2011
Linking with Southeast Asia: Developing Northeast India’s Tourism Potential
Ruhee Neog
#Issue Brief 175, October 2011
Linking India’s Northeast with Southeast Asia: Significance of Internal Connectivity & Backward Integration
Panchali Saikia
#Issue Brief 172, September 2011
Defence Reforms and National Security: Managing Threats and Challenges to India
Gurmeet Kanwal
#Issue Brief 168, July 2011
Preventing Terror Attacks: Role of Human & Technical Intelligence in India
Radha Vinod Raju
#Special Report 104, June 2011
After Osama: Pakistan’s Relations with the US, China & India
Samarjit Ghosh , Aditi Malhotra , and Rohit Singh
#Conference Report 32, April 2011
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2011
#Issue Brief 161, January 2011
Alternative Regional Strategy for India: A Charm Offensive to Win the Hearts and Minds
D Suba Chandran
#Issue Brief 158, December 2010
Fighting Corruption: How Serious is India?
Radha Vinod Raju
Former Director General, National Investigation Agency (NIA), India
#Issue Brief 157, November 2010
Countering Terrorism: Role of Intelligence and Investigative Agencies
Radha Vinod Raju
Former Director General, National Investigation Agency (NIA), India
#Issue Brief 155, September 2010
What Next after the All Party Delegation Visit?: A 3-C Strategy for Kashmir
D Suba Chandran
Deputy Director, IPCS
#Special Report 97, September 2010
India-Bangladesh Relations: Issues, Problems and Recent Developments
Piyali Dutta
#Issue Brief 153, August 2010
India and China: Towards a Competitive-Cooperative Relationship?
Baladas Ghoshal
Visiting Senior Fellow, East West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
#Issue Brief 152, May 2010
American Military Operations inside Pakistan: Will it help the US, Pakistan and India?
D Suba Chandran
Deputy Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 150, May 2010
The Fragile Regions of South Asia: Why States Fail in Parts?
D Suba Chandran
Deputy Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 148, May 2010
Rajouri and Poonch: Identifying Early Warning Signals and Addressing New Challenges
KD Maini
Editor, Peace Magazine, Poonch
#Issue Brief 146, April 2010
India-China Relations: Impressions from a Dialogue with Beijing
Arun Sahgal
Consultant, IPCS
#Special Report 89, April 2010
Countering the Naxalites: Deploying the Armed Forces
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
#Conference Report 26, April 2010
Developing a More Propitious Framework for China-India Cooperation
Report of External Meetings- Track II between India & China
#Issue Brief 144, March 2010
India and Myanmar: Looking East through a Strategic Bridge
Harnit Kaur Kang
Research Officer (SEARP), IPCS, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 143, March 2010
Reviving the Stilwell Road: Challenges and Opportunities for India
Tuli Sinha
Research Officer, IPCS, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 145, March 2010
India and Maldives: Towards Consolidation
N Sathiya Moorthy
Director, Chennai Chapter, Observer Research Foundation (ORF)
#Conference Report 25, March 2010
Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh: Building Peace and Countering Radicalization
Conference Report
#Issue Brief 137, February 2010
India and Bangladesh: Internal Challenges and External Relations
Smruti S Pattanaik
Research Fellow, IDSA
#Issue Brief 136, February 2010
Indo-Nepal Relations: Transitional Phase, Testing Times
Padmaja Murthy
Former Visiting Research Fellow, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
#Issue Brief 134, December 2009
China-Myanmar Energy Engagements: Challenges and Opportunities for India
Tuli Sinha
Research Officer, IPCS, New Delhi
#Special Report 87, December 2009
Af-Pak: A Strategic Opportunity for South Asia?
Ali Ahmed
e-mail: aliahd66@hotmail.com
#Conference Report 24, October 2009
Conflict Resolution and Peace Building: An Indo-Pak Track II Dialogue
#Special Report 85, October 2009
India’s Look East Policy: A Critical Assessment
Interview with Amb. Rajiv Sikri
#Issue Brief 129, October 2009
Harnessing the Indus Waters: Perspectives from India
D Suba Chandran
Deputy Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 127, October 2009
India-Pakistan Joint Investigation: A Zero Sum Game?
Mallika Joseph
Deputy Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 128, September 2009
Harnessing the Indus Waters: Perspectives from Pakistan
Nausheen Wasi
Lecturer, University of Karachi
#Issue Brief 126, September 2009
Indo-Pak Joint Anti-Terror Mechanims: Perspectives from Pakistan
Shabana Fayaz
LectureQuaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
#Issue Brief 125, September 2009
Resolving Siachen: Perspectives from India
Brig (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal
Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi
#Issue Brief 124, September 2009
Resolving Siachen: Perspectives from Pakistan
Brig (Retd) Asad Hakeem
#Issue Brief 123, September 2009
Afghanistan: Evolving an Indo-Pak Strategy: Perspectives from Pakistan
Salma Malik
Lecturer, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
#Issue Brief 122, September 2009
Enhancing Indo-Pak Trade: Perspectives from Pakistan
Nabiha Gul
Lecturer, University of Karachi
#Issue Brief 121, September 2009
Terrorism, Religious Radicalism and Violence: Perspectives from Pakistan
Arshi Saleem Hashmi
Senior Research Analyst, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad
#Issue Brief 120, September 2009
Terrorism, Religious Radicalism and Violence: Perspectives from India
Devyani Srivastava
#Issue Brief 119, September 2009
Enhancing Indo-Pak Trade: Perspectives from India
Pia Malhotra
Former Research Intern, IPCS, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 118, September 2009
Evolving an Indo-Pak Strategy in Afghanistan: Perspectives from India
Raghav Sharma
Research Officer, IPCS
#Issue Brief 117, September 2009
Sino-Indian Border Skirmishes: Towards a Limited Confrontation?
Iskander Rehman
#Issue Brief 115, September 2009
Arihant: Strengthening India’s Naval Capability
Rajaram Panda
Senior Fellow, IDSA
#Special Report 83, September 2009
India-ASEAN FTA: The Road Ahead
Conference Report
#Issue Brief 113, August 2009
India, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia: Connecting the Neighborhood
Smruti Pattanaik
#Special Report 80, August 2009
Pokharan-I: Personal Recollections
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
#Special Report 77, July 2009
Af-PakStrategy: A Survey of Literature
Aparajita Kashyap
Research Intern, IPCS, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 109, July 2009
Banning the Naxalites: What Next?
Rajat Kumar Kujur
#Conference Report 19, June 2009
Towards the 2010 NPT RevCon
#Issue Brief 107, June 2009
India’s Northeast and Southeast Asia: Strengthening an Integrated Economic Space
Dr. Amita Batra
Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 105, June 2009
India’s Northeast: The Super-highway to Southeast Asia?
Wasbir Hussain
Director, Centre for Development and Peace Studies, Guwahati, Assam
#Issue Brief 104, June 2009
Linking India’s Northeast and Southeast Asia: Security Implications
Bibhu Prasad Routray
Research Fellow, Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi
#Special Report 71, May 2009
Terrorism and Armed Violence in India: An Analysis of Events in 2008
Devyani Srivastava
Research Officer, IPCS
#Issue Brief 103, May 2009
India in 2009: The First Quarter
Urvashi J Kumar
#CBRN South Asia 17, May 2009
Nuclear Monthly Monitor
No.5 , May 2009
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