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China - Issue Briefs, Special Reports, Research Papers
Issue Briefs are 2,500-word long essays that examine various topics and their implications, besides making policy recommendations.
#Special Report 188, June 2017
Indian and Chinese Energy Policies: Addressing Energy Needs and Climate Change
#Special Report 182, April 2016
IPCS Forecast 2016
#Special Report 179, October 2015
China in Afghanistan: Balancing Power Projection and Minimal Intervention
Hugo Chéné
Research Intern, IPCS
#Issue Brief 260, April 2015
Contemporary Taiwan: Domestic Politics, External Relations and India’s Interests
Ranjit Gupta
#Issue Brief 259, April 2015
China’s Dams & Regional Security Implications
Dhanasree Jayaram
#Special Report 178, February 2015
Charting Global Transitions
IPCS Annual 2015
#Special Report 167, January 2015
IPCS Forecasts: The Indian Ocean in 2015
Vijay Sakhuja
#Issue Brief 256, November 2014
The Indo-Pacific  & the Indo-US Relations: Geopolitics of Cooperation
Shreya Upadhyay
#Issue Brief 249, March 2014
Caught in the India-China Rivalry: Policy Options for Nepal
Pramod Jaiswal
#Issue Brief 245, March 2014
China, Indian Ocean & the Nuclear Deterrence: The Destabilizing Effect
Sahil Mathur
#Special Report 150, March 2014
The Maritime Great Game: India, China, US & the Indian Ocean
IPCS Special Focus
#Special Report 148, February 2014
China and the ADIZ
IPCS Special Focus
Edited by Teshu Singh
#Issue Brief 243, December 2013
Inside China: Third Party Plenum, November 2013
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 242, November 2013
The Russian Pivot to Asia Pacific
Baladas Ghoshal
#Issue Brief 241, August 2013
India & China: Looking Beyond Border Incursions & Li Keqiang's Visit
Jayadeva Ranade
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS & Member, NSAB
#Issue Brief 233, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Limited Objectives in Bhutan
Tilak Jha
#Issue Brief 232, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Securing Nepal in South Asia
Jigme Yeshe Lama
#Issue Brief 231, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Contentious Relations with North Korea
Ranjit Kumar Dhawan
#Issue Brief 223, June 2013
Towards a New Asian Security Architecture?: India and Japan
Rajaram Panda
#Issue Brief 220, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Strategic Significance of Tibet
Abanti Bhattacharya
#Issue Brief 219, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing, Xinjiang & Han-Uyghur Schism
Debasish Chaudhuri
#Issue Brief 217, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing and India-Sri Lanka Relations
N Manoharan
#Issue Brief 216, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing and the BCIM
Ravi Bhoothalingam
#Issue Brief 213, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Growing Tensions in South China Sea
Sonika Gupta
#Issue Brief 215, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing’s Myanmar Strategy
Ranjit Gupta
#Issue Brief 212, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Japan and ASEAN
Rajaram Panda
#Issue Brief 211, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Beijing’s Strategies towards South China Sea
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 210, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: The American Pivot and Rebalancing
PR Chari
#Issue Brief 208, April 2013
China’s New Leadership: Internal and External Implications of a Fresh Agenda
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 207, March 2013
China’s 12th National People’s Congress An Analysis of the Composition and Content
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 206, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Securing Trade & Safeguarding the Eco System
Panu Pazo
#Issue Brief 205, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Realizing the Potential of a Border Trade
Bhim B Subba
#Issue Brief 204, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Understanding Beijing’s Larger Strategy towards the Region
Teshu Singh
#Issue Brief 203, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Namrata Hasija
#Issue Brief 202, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Converting Symbolism into Reality
Pema Wangchuk
#Issue Brief 201, January 2013
Elections in South Korea: Assessing Park's Victory
Rajaram Panda
#Issue Brief 200, January 2013
China’s 18th Party Congress: Trends and Analysis
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 199, December 2012
Contemporary China: CCP, Army and the 18th Central Committee
Jayadeva Ranade
#Issue Brief 198, October 2012
China & Japan: Tensions in East China Sea
Teshu Singh
#Special Report 136, September 2012
Inside China 2012: Second Annual Conference
Narayani Basu
#Special Report 133, August 2012
South China Sea: Everlasting Antagonisms
Harnit Kaur Kang
#Special Report 132, August 2012
South China Sea: Emerging Security Architecture
Teshu Singh
#Issue Brief 197, June 2012
Dual Use or Proliferation?: China’s Janus Face
Martin de Lavernée
#Special Report 125, May 2012
New Security Concept of China
Anil Kumar
#Special Report 124, May 2012
Greater Tibet and Cultural Nationalism: Understanding the Responses to Chinese Policies
Jigme Yeshe Lama
#Special Report 123, April 2012
Media in China: An Irreversible Transition?
Gunjan Singh
#Special Report 122, April 2012
Separatism in Xinjiang: Between Local Problems and International Jihad?
Bhavna Singh
Research Officer, IPCS
#Special Report 121, April 2012
Demographic Dividend in China: The Challenge Ahead
Teshu Singh
#Special Report 120, April 2012
Internet in China: An Emerging Society
Alpana Verma
#Special Report 119, April 2012
Migrant Unrest in China: An Analysis
Namrata Hasija
Research Officer, IPCS
#Conference Report 41, April 2012
Expanding Economic Activity along the Sino-Indian Border & Developing Infrastructure for Connectivity
Bhavna Singh
#Special Report 116, April 2012
Nathu La: A Trip Report
Namrata Hasija
#Conference Report 40, April 2012
Sino-Indian Economic Dialogue: From Bilateral Trade to Strategic Partnership
Teshu Singh
#Special Report 115, April 2012
The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: A Critique
Tanvi Kulkarni
#Issue Brief 187, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue: Treading a Cautious Corridor
Bhavna Singh
#Issue Brief 186, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Dialogue: An Assessment
Maj Gen (Retd) Dhruv Katoch
#Issue Brief 185, March 2012
Sino-Indian Economic Dialogue: Global Business Plan for an Asian Century
Ravi Bhoothalingam
#Issue Brief 184, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue: An Analysis
Teshu Singh
#Issue Brief 183, March 2012
Nathu La & the Sino-Indian Trade: Why the lull?
Namrata Hasija
#Issue Brief 182, March 2012
Nathu La & the Sino-Indian Trade: Understanding the Sensitivities in Sikkim
Jayadeva Ranade
Distinguished Fellow, CAPS
#Special Report 113, December 2011
South China Sea: Opportunity or Liability?
Bhavna Singh & Panchali Saikia
#Issue Brief 177, November 2011
Sino-Indian Economic Strategic Dialogue: Beyond the Beijing Round
Bhartendu Kumar Singh
#Issue Brief 174, September 2011
China’s New Development Strategy: Emphasizing Domestic Consumption, Human Resources and R&D
Jayadeva Ranade
Former Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India
#Special Report 109, August 2011
China-Pakistan Nuclear Alliance:An Analysis
Siddharth Ramana
#Special Report 108, July 2011
Communist Party of China @ 90
#Issue Brief 167, June 2011
The African Safari: Understanding the Sino-Indian Competition in Africa
Prof. Baladas Ghoshal
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS
#Special Report 105, June 2011
Elections to the Tibetan Government-in-Exile 2011:A Paradigm Shift?
Bhavna Singh
#Special Report 104, June 2011
After Osama: Pakistan’s Relations with the US, China & India
Samarjit Ghosh , Aditi Malhotra , and Rohit Singh
#Issue Brief 165, March 2011
Alternative Strategies for India towards Tibet: Between Assertion and Measured Silence
Bhavna Singh
#Conference Report 29, March 2011
Developing a Framework for Regional Cooperation in South Asia
Bhavna Singh and Jabin T Jacob
#Issue Brief 162, February 2011
Alternative Strategies towards China: Charting India’s Course for the Next Decade
Jabin T Jacob
#Special Report 98, February 2011
India’s Strategic Interests in Myanmar: An Interview with Shyam Saran
Medha Chaturvedi
#Issue Brief 160, December 2010
India-China Relations: Negotiating a Balance
Maj. Gen. Dipankar Banerjee
Director, IPCS
#Conference Report 28, October 2010
The Long View from Delhi: Defining India's Grand Strategy
Siddharth Ramana , Yogesh Joshi , Pia Malhotra , Bhavna Singh
Report of the IPCS Conference held in August
#Issue Brief 154, September 2010
Between China, India and the Refugees: Understanding Bhutan’s National Security Scenario
Marian Gallenkamp
Research Scholar, University of Heidelberg and Former Intern, IPCS
#Research Paper 26, September 2010
China and Myanmar: Strategic Interests, Strategies and the Road Ahead
Billy Tea
#Issue Brief 153, August 2010
India and China: Towards a Competitive-Cooperative Relationship?
Baladas Ghoshal
Visiting Senior Fellow, East West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
#Special Report 96, August 2010
Ethnicity, Separatism and Terrorism in Xinjiang: China's Triple Conundrum
Bhavna Singh
#Special Report 91, June 2010
Sino-Indian Relations: Sixty Years of Experience and Enlightenment
Amb. Cheng Ruisheng
#Issue Brief 146, April 2010
India-China Relations: Impressions from a Dialogue with Beijing
Arun Sahgal
Consultant, IPCS
#Conference Report 26, April 2010
Developing a More Propitious Framework for China-India Cooperation
Report of External Meetings- Track II between India & China
#Issue Brief 134, December 2009
China-Myanmar Energy Engagements: Challenges and Opportunities for India
Tuli Sinha
Research Officer, IPCS, New Delhi
#Special Report 86, October 2009
The Dragon on Safari: China’s Africa Policy
Lt. Col JS Kohli
#Special Report 85, October 2009
India’s Look East Policy: A Critical Assessment
Interview with Amb. Rajiv Sikri
#Issue Brief 117, September 2009
Sino-Indian Border Skirmishes: Towards a Limited Confrontation?
Iskander Rehman
#Issue Brief 106, June 2009
India’s Northeast and Southeast Asia: Chinese Interests and Strategies
Srikanth Kondapalli
Professor, Center for Chinese Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 101, May 2009
Chinese Aircraft Carrier Program: Blue water navy on the way
Hayoun Ryou
#Issue Brief 99, April 2009
Sino-Indian Trade: Present Tense, Future Perfect?
Bhartendu Kumar Singh
#Issue Brief 91, January 2009
Guaranteeing Borders in South Asia: Call for Five Party Talks
Jabin T Jacob
#Issue Brief 89, January 2009
India-Japan Security Cooperation: Chinese Perceptions
Hayoun Ryou
Visiting Fellow, IPCS, New Delhi
#Special Report 61, December 2008
Behind the NSG and Six Party Talks: Chinese Strategic Interests
Hayoun Ryou
#Special Report 59, October 2008
Lotus & the Dragon: BJP's China Policy
Vijay Vikram
#Issue Brief 80, August 2008
Towards a New Asian Architecture India and Ideology
Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
#Issue Brief 74, June 2008
Asia-Pacific Community: Options and Opportunities for India
Vibhanshu Shekhar
Research Fellow Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
#Issue Brief 73, June 2008
Nathu La: Bridging the Himalayas
Satyajit Mohanty
Indian Revenue Service
#Issue Brief 70, June 2008
Asia’s Economic Transformation: India’s Role in an Emerging International Order
Director, IPCS
#Issue Brief 67, May 2008
A Federal Democratic Myanmar: India’s Strategic Imperative
Vibhanshu Shekhar
#Issue Brief 65, April 2008
China’s Rising Defence Expenditure: Implications for India
Gurmeet Kanwal
Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi
#Issue Brief 64, April 2008
Shaping a ‘New Forward Policy’: Tibet and India’s Options
Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
#Issue Brief 58, March 2008
Connecting India: A Road Map for New Roads
Dr. Suba Chandran, N Manoharan, Vibhanshu Shekhar, PG Rajamohan, Jabin T Jacob
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